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College basketball's transfer portal is a week away from mercifully closing (there are over 1,800 players in it), but the action is really just heating up as commitment dominos fall and transfer classes take shape.

While players must go through the formal process of entering the portal before the May 1 cutoff, they are free to take their decision well past that date. The phrase "We Sleep in May" does not apply to college basketball coaches. And there's plenty of work for most of them to still do.

Here's Version 3.0 of my team needs for every team in the major conferences. Versions 1.0 and 2.0 are available here and here, respectively.

ACC team needs

Boston College

Priority: Star guards

It's a total retool for Earl Grant after Boston College was ravaged in the portal. Grant has to replace his best six players. Finding replacements for a new backcourt is paramount to staying somewhat afloat in the new-look ACC.


Priority: Shooting

Second-year Cal coach Mark Madsen has to build a roster from scratch again, but he's off to a hot start. BJ Omot and Jeff Nwankwo are toolsy, talented wings who pass the eye test. But Cal needs more shooting. Stanford transfer Andrej Stojakovic remains a top target. It could be an ideal marriage for both sides. Madsen's vision of a bunch of skilled size is on the horizon.


Priority: Frontcourt depth

Clemson coach Brad Brownell can get picky after landing Viktor Lakhin to stabilize a frontcourt that could lose PJ Hall to the NBA, as well as Jaeden Zackery to handle some of the Joe Girard responsibilities. If Chase Hunter returns, Clemson's backcourt will be in business. A backup versatile frontcourt piece is the last real need on the board with Lakhin, Ian Schieffelin and Chauncey Wiggins set to sop up most of the 80 available frontcourt minutes.


Priority: Downhill guard

Tyrese Proctor only took 43 shots at the rim last season. Caleb Foster (36 shots at the rim) also didn't get there often. After Jeremy Roach's exit, Proctor and Foster are set to be the centerpieces of Duke's backcourt. Jon Scheyer has to find a third guard who has a slightly different skill set than his returning duo to make this Blue Devils roster more fool-proof. Duke has to maximize the one season with Cooper Flagg.

Florida State

Priority: Shooting

Florida State is a poor shooting unit already, and its best sniper (Darin Green) is out of eligibility. This backcourt needs reinforcements in a hurry after Primo Spears and Jalen Warley exited. There's no guarantee that FSU can get star Jamir Watkins back for another season, either.

Georgia Tech

Priority: None

Georgia Tech's roster doesn't have any glaring needs at the moment while Baye Ndongo and Miles Kelly both go through the NBA Draft process. If one or both decide to leave Georgia Tech, Damon Stoudamire will have minutes up for grabs for a potential transfer portal. Playing alongside dazzling guards like Nait George and Javian McCollum would be intriguing. But Georgia Tech could make a big jump up the ACC standings if Kelly and Ndongo run it back.


Priority: Point Guard

New Louisville coach Pat Kelsey has to build a team from the ground up, and the initial outlook is bright. Terrence Edwards Jr. is an absolute stud. J'Vonne Hadley is a veteran wing who knows how to hoop. Reyne Smith and James Scott are Charleston imports who will help right away (in Smith's case) and be even bigger down the road (in Scott's case). The point guard need is still glaring. Kelsey needs a veteran lead guard who can get the ball where it needs to go for a Louisville team that plans to shoot a billion 3-pointers.


Priority: Guard

Miami's system reaches the peak of its powers when it has multiple guards who can rain fire on everyone. Miami's potential starting lineup of Nijel Pack, Wooga Poplar, Jalil Bethea, Brandon Johnson (or Matt Cleveland) and Lynn Kidd is tantalizing. But Miami's depth was not good enough this past season. It needs another lead guard with jets. Oklahoma State transfer Javon Small would be a fantastic addition, and he's a top target for Miami's staff.

Notre Dame

Priority: Frontcourt depth

Notre Dame lost Carey Booth to the transfer portal and one of its top initial replacements (Miami transfer Michael Nwoko) went to Mississippi State. Micah Shrewsberry needs more skilled size to complement Kebba Njie and Tae

North Carolina

Priority: Star Big Man

North Carolina's hot pursuit of Rutgers transfer Cliff Omoruyi and Tennessee transfer Jonas Aidoo certainly seems to signal how Hubert Davis feels about his current frontcourt picture. UNC will keep swinging big for some of the top big men, while RJ Davis and Harrison Ingram make their stay-or-go NBA Draft decisions.

While he waits on RJ Davis' decision, coach Hubert Davis hits the portal to replace Armando Bacot Getty Images

NC State

Priority: Sharpshooting Guard

Kevin Keatts has parlayed a Final Four berth into a pair of strong transfer portal additions. Brandon Huntley-Hatfield will get the first shot at replacing DJ Burns. Georgetown transfer Dontrez Styles will get the Casey Morsell minutes. NC State needs a guard who can splash it from downtown to help fill the DJ Horne void. Ryan Conwell would've been a slam-dunk addition, but the Indiana State transfer picked Xavier. The quest continues for Keatts.


Priority: Wing

Pitt is not far away from being a real factor in the ACC next season if it hits on its transfers. Damian Dunn and Cam Corhen fill major holes, but Jeff Capel III needs one more wing to surround Jaland Lowe with the supporting cast he needs to be a sophomore star. Kentucky transfer Adou Thiero is a massive target.


Priority: Lead Guard

New SMU coach Andy Enfield certainly needs to add a big-time guard after Zhuric Phelps entered the transfer portal. Phelps owned a 28% usage rate last season. That's a massive hole to replace.


Priority: Point Guard

New coach Kyle Smith couldn't get his former star point guard Myles Rice to follow him from Washington State to Stanford. But he was able to convince stud big man Maxime Raynaud to exit the portal and return to be a Cardinal mainstay in 2024-25. Smith has to find a score-first lead guard to create one heckuva tandem with Raynaud (who was one of the best bigs in the portal).


Priority: Lead Guard

Judah Mintz has a stay-or-go decision to make, so Syracuse might have to make waves in the portal for a guard. JJ Starling should command a higher usage rate, but Syracuse needs another game-changer for this backcourt.


Priority: Stars

Virginia has four openings on its depth chart, and it needs at least two studs who can be double-digit performers every night to change the perception of this roster. A lead guard who can be the face of the franchise is probably the top need, but another proven high-major frontcourt weapon would be clutch.

Virginia Tech

Priority: Power Forward

Mylyjael Poteat is positioned to be Virginia Tech's starting center, but Mike White has few proven options at the 4. Mekhi Long and Robbie Beran are gone, and both John Camden and Tyler Nickel hit the transfer

Wake Forest

Priority: Hunter Sallis Replacement

Yet again, Steve Forbes has to do what Steve Forbes does. With Hunter Sallis looking like a potential first-round pick and Boopie Miller making an odd decision to hit the transfer portal, Wake Forest needs a game-changing lead guard to pair with Cam Hildreth. If history is any indicator, Wake Forest will get one and he'll play well. But Sallis still hasn't made a final decision about the NBA. Forbes is going to work rebuilding a somewhat-thin Wake forest frontcourt while he waits for Sallis' official decision. Former five-star Omaha Biliew is the latest target for Forbes, who has made Wake Forest an oasis where five-stars (like Sallis and Efton Reid) find themselves again. Biliew might be up next.

Big 12 team needs


Priority: Forward

Keshad Johnson is out of eligibility, and incoming top-20 freshman forward Carter Bryant seems earmarked for at least some of Johnson's minutes. Arizona big man Motiejus Krivas is primed to step into a massive role after Oumar Ballo transferred to Indiana, but Arizona could certainly use a third veteran forward with some lineup versatility and experience to offset what could be a young club.

Arizona needs to get some help for rising star Motiejus Krivas Getty Images

Arizona State

Priority: Two-way wing

Bobby Hurley desperately needs a game-wrecking, two-way wing to slot next to Alston Mason and Adam Miller in the Arizona State backcourt. Mason and Miller can fill it up, but there's room at the inn for another wing who wants a chance to earn a high-usage role.


Priority: Star big man

Baylor is swinging for the fences in the transfer portal. Duke transfer Jeremy Roach is a strong addition to replace RayJ Dennis. Incoming freshman VJ Edgecombe, the No. 5 recruit in 2024, will help replace exiting first-round pick Ja'Kobe Walter. Baylor is pushing for a star big man to step into the Yves Missi role. Tennessee's Jonas Aidoo has emerged as the top target.


Priority: Downhill guard

Can BYU find a guard who can be a bit different than the rest? Spencer Johnson is out of eligibility and Dallin Hall hit the transfer portal. BYU should have plenty of shooting. Could it land someone who can get downhill and put real pressure on the defense?


Priority: None

Cincinnati's roster looks to be pretty much set. The Bearcats do not have any open scholarships at the moment.


Priority: Stars

Colorado's roster has been ravaged ahead of the move to the Big 12. Tad Boyle likely will have to replace his three best players: Cody Williams, KJ Simpson and Tristan da Silva. That's a ton of opportunity and shots to sell.


Priority: None

Point guard was Houston's biggest priority, but Milos Uzan will get the first crack at stepping in for Houston legend Jamal Shead. Houston does not have any open scholarships at the moment.

Iowa State

Priority: Frontcourt pop

Iowa State still needs to revamp its frontcourt with ready-made, rotation players. Robert Jones, Tre King and Hason Ward are all out of time, and Omaha Biliew entered the transfer portal. Charlotte transfer Dishon Jackson and Seattle's Brandon Chatfield form a good start, but the Cyclones need another needle-mover. Saint Mary's transfer Joshua Jefferson has emerged as the top target.


Priority: Shooting

Kansas has added a ton of self-creating bucket-getters to its rotation. AJ Storr, Riley Kugel and Zeke Mayo can all go get one. With Johnny Furphy going through the NBA Draft process, KU could use another play-finishing guard who can stretch the floor and run-and-gun in transition. KU only attempted 80 transition 3-pointers last season, by far the fewest in a decade. Alabama transfer Rylan Griffen could help change that, and KU is in the driver's seat in that recruitment.

Kansas State

Priority: Big man

Kansas State's frontcourt is very thin outside of David N'Guessan. Kansas State needs more brawn to offset the physicality that Kansas, Iowa State, Houston, Arizona and the rest of the Big 12 will certainly bring on the glass.

Oklahoma State

Priority: Lead guard

New Oklahoma State coach Steve Lutz is forced to build a roster from the ground up. But you cannot survive in this league without a dynamic lead guard. The Big 12 loaded up on lead guards in the portal cycle last year, and Lutz will have to do the same in 2024.


Priority: Backcourt, backcourt, backcourt

Jameer Nelson Jr., Avery Anderson III, Trey Tennyson, Micah Peavy and Chuck O'Bannon are all gone. That's all five of TCU's rotation guards. Add a sixth if you include star Emanuel Miller, who doesn't necessarily have a position (he was good at everything), and is out of eligibility. That's a lot of experience, pop and scoring walking out the door. TCU will need to reload that backcourt with high-ceiling transfers to hold serve in the new-look Big 12. Frankie Collins is a good start. He should thrive in Jamie Dixon's transition-heavy scheme, but the Frogs need more.

Texas Tech

Priority: Lead Guard

Coach Grant McCasland is expected to be very active in the guards market after leading scorer Pop Isaacs hit the transfer portal. McCasland's history with guards is elite. Texas Tech should be able to get a really, really good one.


Priority: Brawn

UCF is losing a lot of the length, power and physicality that has anchored its feisty defense. UCF will be in the market for a lot, but physicality is a must.


Priority: Lead guard

The backcourt exodus is underway. Rollie Worster transferred to Nebraska. Mr. Triple Double, Deivon Smith, also hit the portal. Utah has the Madsen brothers (Gabe and Mason) who will provide oodles of shooting and floor-spacing, but it needs a game-changing lead guard to get everything organized.

West Virginia

Priority: Lead guard

Darian DeVries has to find a lead guard who can hold his own in the rock 'em, sock 'em Big 12. That has been one of the biggest objectives since DeVries took the job and it hasn't changed.

Big East team needs


Priority: Backcourt depth

Finley Bizjack and DJ Davis hit the transfer portal, and none of Butler's additions are the lead guard types. Butler does still have Posh Alexander and Landon Moore in the fold, but another guard who can get pressure on the rim would round out this rotation nicely.


Priority: Lead guard

Baylor Scheierman is out of eligibility and Trey Alexander looks like a no-doubt draft pick. Four-star freshman Jackson McAndrew, a top-40 recruit, is a sniper who should take some of Scheierman's responsibilities. The portal should be the best bet to find Creighton's Alexander replacement. Creighton has gotten a dude in each of the past two seasons. It needs another one in the 2024 cycle. St. Mary's transfer Aidan Mahaney has emerged as a top target.


Priority: Veteran shooter

UConn could easily lose all five starters to graduation or the NBA Draft, but UConn has dipped into the portal in back-to-back cycles for game-changing guards (Tristen Newton in 2022, Cam Spencer in 2023). A veteran shot-maker would be vital to mentor UConn's talented stable of rising guards.


Priority: Big man

New DePaul coach Chris Holtmann is already going to work in the portal to build from scratch a roster that has cleared out in a hurry. Holtmann has loaded up on guards and wings, but a traditional, rim-protecting center is still a major need. DePaul's offense also needs another source of rim pressure, and there are so many good big men in the portal.


Priority: Wing depth

Georgetown added TCU transfer Micah Peavy to its wing corps but lost Dontrez Styles to NC State. Ed Cooley needs another big-bodied wing who can create off the bounce and attack the long closeouts standout guards like Malik Mack and Jayden Epps can create.

Ed Cooley can has a handful of must-dos to get Georgetown back on track in Year 2.  Getty Images


Priority: Big man

Oso Ighodaro is on track to be a first-round pick. Marquette doesn't need to splurge for a star center, but a serviceable defender who can team up with sweet-shooting forward Ben Gold would be ideal.


Priority: None

Kim English has checked off Providence's biggest offseason objectives. Christ Essandoko will command most of Josh Oduro's vacated minutes. Bensley Joseph is the shot-making guard Providence's backcourt needed. Jabri Abdur-Rahim and Wesley Cardet Jr. are two big wings with opposite strengths. Abdur-Rahim is an excellent off-movement sniper, and Cardet is a chiseled slasher. They can easily play together. Just good work all around by the Friars' staff to use the portal to complement key returners like Bryce Hopkins and Jayden Pierre.

Seton Hall

Priority: Backcourt firepower

Guard play is everything for Shaheen Holloway, and Seton Hall already has to replace multiple beasts. Al-Amir Dawes will be out of eligibility, and Dre Davis opted to transfer to Ole Miss.

St. John's

Priority: Stud big man

Rick Pitino got an up-close view of the impact Donovan Clingan and Ryan Kalkbrenner have had in the Big East, and he surely wants a taste. With Joel Soriano out of eligibility, St. John's has been hitting the big man market with a fever. It is yet to connect, but there's still time.


Priority: Talented Wings

All of Villanova's top wings are scurrying out of Dodge in a hurry. Justin Moore, Tyler Burton and Hakim Hart are out of eligibility, but TJ Bamba and Brendan Hausen also entered the portal. That position has to continue to be a huge point of emphasis for Kyle Neptune.


Priority: Wing depth

Xavier has a chance to be really good, but Desmond Claude's late transfer portal entry raises the need for another big wing to pair with Dailyn Swain. Xavier's backcourt has a chance to be so dynamic, but it's a touch small. More positional size on the perimeter is vital to round out a strong portal haul that looks even better with the news that dazzling frontcourt duo Zach Freemantle and Jerome Hunter are on track for a return in 2024-25.

Big Ten team needs


Priority: Top-of-the-scouting report guy

Illinois has had a busy offseason, but it still needs a superstar to transcend the roster. Maybe it's a big wing to take some of Terrence Shannon Jr.'s role. Maybe it's a big guard who can slide next to prized Arizona transfer Kylan Boswell and dominate. Illinois has a few big swings left in the tank, and it just landed a slugger in ex-Kentucky assistant Orlando Antigua. His fingerprints will be all over Illinois' star-hunting chase.

Illinois coach Brad Underwood is looking to build on the Illini's Elite Eight run.  Getty Images


Priority: Shooting

Indiana is searching for a knockdown sniper to add much-needed breathing room to the heavy dose of ball screens that Myles Rice and Oumar Ballo will undoubtedly run in 2024-25. The one slight issue is that some of the top shooters who have visited IU (Connor Essegian and Connor Hickman) smartly looked at the Minutes Math and realized their path to playing time was a bit tough with Myles Rice, Kanaan Carlyle, Trey Galloway, Bryson Tucker, and Mackenzie Mgbako already in the picture.


Priority: Find the Ben Krikke replacement

Iowa is still searching for that talented 4-man to slide next to emerging soon-to-be-sophomore center Owen Freeman. Nana Owusu-Anane was the top target, but he is expected to exit the transfer portal and return to Brown. Iowa has shifted gears to UMass transfer Matt Cross. That'd be a slam-dunk addition at Iowa's biggest position of need.


Priority: One final shooter

It's been a really, really strong offseason for Kevin Willard and the Terps. Maryland has just one open scholarship left, and it just has to be used on a shooter to complement a backcourt that will feature Ja'Kobi Gillespie, DeShawn Harris-Smith, Selton Miguel, Rodney Rice, Chance Stephens, and Jahari Long.


Priority: Star scoring guard

Dusty May still needs that lead guard who can be a threat to score 20 points every single night. Tre Donaldson and Rubin Jones are terrific complementary guards who shouldn't take away from any pursuit. FAU star Johnell Davis is the most yapped-about target, but do not be surprised if Ohio State transfer Roddy Gayle Jr. turns into an absolute star.

Michigan State

Priority: Extreme Makeover, Frontcourt Edition

Michigan State still needs another body for its frontcourt rotation, just like it did when the transfer portal opened. Mady Sissoko hit the transfer portal, and Xavier Booker looks poised to stay at MSU, but Tom Izzo's biggest portal need remains the same now as it did when the portal opened the day after Selection Sunday.


Priority: Wing depth

All eyes are on Cam Christie's impending stay-or-go decision. If he runs it back for his sophomore season, Minnesota has a nucleus to do damage. If he stays in the NBA Draft, Minnesota has a monster hole on the wing to fill after Josh Ola-Joseph and Braeden Carrington hit the portal.


Priority: Rim protector

North Dakota State transfer big man Andrew Morgan is not a fearful rim protector. A Rienk Mast return would be fantastic, but he's not a shot-blocker by any means, either. Nebraska has loaded up on shooting with Gavin Griffiths and Connor Essegian. It got the big lead guard that Hoiberg seems to crave in Utah's Rollie Worster. Morgan will buff up Nebraska's frontcourt in a real way, but it needs one more piece.


Priority: Point guard

Northwestern needs to find its point guard of the future to step into Boo Buie's large shoes. Ty Berry, Matt Nicholson, Nick Martinelli, and Brooks Barnhizer are four roster lynchpins that should improve Northwestern's portal sell.

Ohio State

Priority: Shot-creating wing

Ohio State's backcourt looks set with Meechie Johnson transferring back to Ohio State from South Carolina and Bruce Thornton returning for his junior season. The frontcourt looks set with Aaron Bradshaw and Devin Royal set to earn a lion's share of the minutes. But who is that nasty wing?


Priority: Wings

Jermaine Couisnard exhausted his eligibility, so there is a huge role waiting for a potential wing. That desperation should only increase after both Kario Oquendo and Brennan Rigsby hit the transfer portal. Dana Altman went big-game hunting for Dalton Knecht, the best wing in the 2023 cycle. He needs to do it again, but this time, connect on one of the best wings in the 2024 cycle.

Penn State

Priority: Combo guard

Penn State has just one more open scholarship, and it'll likely be used on another guard. Mike Rhoades didn't have to hit the transfer portal hard for a Kanye Clary replacement because D'Marco Dunn figures to be the biggest benefactor of Clary exiting stage left for Mississippi State. But Penn State needs one more serviceable guard who can knock down 3-pointers and make plays off the bounce.


Priority: Roster retention

Keeping the core group of players will be more important than anyone Purdue could get out of the portal. Lance Jones is out after this season, and the NBA is calling for Zach Edey, but a core of Braden Smith, Fletcher Loyer, Trey Kaufman-Renn, Caleb Furst, Myles Colvin, Kanon Catchings, and Cam Heide is good enough to win ballgames.


Priority: Big man

Five-star freshmen Ace Bailey and Dylan Harper are on the way, headlining a historic Rutgers recruiting class, but changes are afoot. Rutgers has seen a boatload of players hit the transfer portal, none bigger than All-Big Ten center Cliff Omoruyi and his top backup Antwone Woolfolk. Can Rutgers find a starting-caliber center who wants to play with the best-ever recruiting haul in school history?


Priority: Shooter

Mick Cronin is not messing around in the 2024 transfer cycle. UCLA has buffed up its rotation with four transfers. The rotation looks pretty set. Dylan Andrews is the starting point guard with Skyy Clark and Sebastian Mack competing for minutes at the other guard slot. Lazar Stefanovic and Kobe Johnson will man the wings. Eric Dailey Jr., Brandon Williams, Tyler Bilodeau, Aday Mara, and Berke Buyuktuncel give Cronin five forwards/centers to shuffle in and out at two frontcourt spots.


Priority: Lead guard

USC already had to replace Boogie Ellis and Isaiah Collier, but Kobe Johnson and Bronny James both entered the transfer portal. New USC coach Eric Musselman hit the portal right away needing to build a team from scratch. Northern Colorado transfer Saint Thomas and Boise State transfer Chibuzo Agbo are outstanding additions. But USC has at least three more additions to make. A true, unquestioned lead guard will be a top priority to pair with a sniper like Bryce Pope, an offense-tilting big man like Josh Cohen and nasty wings like Thomas and Agbo. The presence of Penn transfer Clark Slajchert shouldn't hurt USC's lead guard pursuits.  


Priority: Backcourt firepower

Danny Sprinkle has some juice on the recruiting trail, and he needs to flex his muscles to rebuild this Washington backcourt. Rice transfer Mekhi Mason was a rock-solid addition, but UW needs some splashy adds. It nearly landed Milos Uzan, but he pivoted to Houston. Hard to blame him there. That caliber of transfer is essential for Sprinkle to get this off the ground and humming.


Priority: Starpower

Wisconsin's roster has been gutted. Tyler Wahl is out of eligibility, and Connor Essegian, Chucky Hepburn, and AJ Storr all hit the transfer portal. Wisconsin has rock-solid role players like Steven Crowl, Max Klesmit, and John Blackwell, but the Badgers desperately need to land a major difference-making lead guard and/or big wing.

SEC team needs


Priority: The Aaron Estrada replacement

Nate Oats has loaded up on snipers like Aden Holloway, Chris Youngblood, and Houston Mallette in the transfer portal, but Alabama needs a guard who can crease the defense, get two feet in the paint, and create those spray-out treys that Alabama's supernova offense thrives on.

Nate Oats will look to the portal to replace star guard Aaron Estrada, who he nabbed out of Hofstra last season.  Getty Images


Priority: Point guard

Mark Sears and Zyon Pullin were two of the best players in the SEC this past season. Both came from the mid-major ranks. As John Calipari aims to restock this wide-open Arkansas roster, finding a game-changing point guard remains the biggest objective. A veteran guard could help all these new faces blend together a bit easier than a ballyhooed freshman, but we'll see which direction Calipari and his swath of Tyson Chicken Money (patent pending) opt to go.


Priority: Guard depth

Auburn coach Bruce Pearl wants his teams to emulate Noah's Ark with two of everything. Auburn has Tahaad Pettiford, JP Pegues, Denver Jones, and Chad Baker-Mazara in its backcourt picture, but another veteran guard will be vital because Pearl wants to go 10 deep. The frontcourt was going to be the biggest position of need until Johni Broome opted to return. The All-American big man is primed for superstardom. Auburn's backcourt has to hold up its end of the bargain.


Priority: Wing depth

Todd Golden has crushed it in the transfer portal, rounding out Florida's frontcourt needs flawlessly. FAU transfer Alijah Martin was another great add to complement Will Richard and Walter Clayton Jr. in the Gators' backcourt, but the Gators could use one more wing in case Denzel Aberdeen isn't ready to be the top guard off the bench for a Florida team with high expectations.


Priority: Veteran shooters

Noah Thomasson (exhausted eligibility) and Jabri Abdur-Rahim (transferred to Providence) are gone, so Georgia will need an array of veteran shot-makers to surround talented young guards like Silas Demary Jr., Blue Cain, and Mount St. Mary's transfer De'Shayne Montgomery.


Priority: Two-way guys

Kentucky did not have enough two-way hoopers this past season. Ugonna Onyenso was terrific defensively but didn't give enough on the offensive end. Rob Dillingham was a shining star on offense and mistake-plagued on defense. Tre Mitchell and Antonio Reeves were both major assets offensively and left a bit to be desired on the defensive end. Adou Thiero was one of the top two-way options on the roster, but he's hitting the transfer portal. New coach Mark Pope has to find two-way game-changers. Drexel transfer addition Amari Williams certainly qualifies. The big man has serious juice.


Priority: Big wing defender

LSU will lose its best wing defender (Jordan Wright), and Mwani Wilkinson is also entering the transfer portal. That backcourt can get small in a hurry if Cam Carter, Mike Williams III and Jordan Sears are on the floor together. Adding a big wing who can sit down and shut down the SEC's best wings will be vital.

Mississippi State

Priority: Frontcourt star

This is Mississippi State's biggest position of need due to Tolu Smith, DJ Jeffries, and Jimmy Bell Jr. exiting. Mississippi State needs a difference-maker to pair with an enticing backcourt of Josh Hubbard, Kanye Clary, Claudell Harris Jr., and Cameron Matthews.


Priority: None.

Dennis Gates needed starpower. Duke transfer forward Mark Mitchell and Iowa transfer guard Tony Perkins certainly qualify as proven, high-major difference-makers who can usher in Missouri's shiny recruiting class. Missouri does not have any open spots … for now.


Priority: Backcourt studs

Milos Uzan, Otega Oweh, and Javian McCollum all hit the transfer portal, and Le'Tre Darthard and Rivaldo Soares are two rotation wings Porter Moser will already have to replace. Oklahoma needs a ton of firepower in the portal if it wants to be a tournament team in 2024-25. The wish list likely begins with three starting guards.

Ole Miss

Priority: Wing depth

Chris Beard needed some toughness for that Ole Miss frontcourt, and he found it in Dre Davis, Malik Dia and Mikeal Brown-Jones. It's a strong mix of positional size, shooting and playmaking. Ole Miss has one open scholarship after Brandon Murray entered the transfer portal on Monday. Adding wing depth is the no-brainer move, and that'll be exacerbated if Matt Murrell and Jaemyn Brakefield both choose not to come back.

South Carolina

Priority: Point guard

Ta'Lon Cooper was a breath of fresh air for South Carolina's backcourt, but Lamont Paris will need to parlay Cooper's strong season into another transfer lead guard, especially after Meechie Johnson chose to transfer back to Ohio State.


Priority: Big man

Tennessee has lost two of its best big men to the transfer portal in Jonas Aidoo and Tobe Awaka. A star big man is likely the top pure need on the board, but Tennessee will certainly chase pure starpower after SEC Player of the Year Dalton Knecht used up his eligibility. The Vols' sell in the portal is excellent.


Priority: Backcourt shooter

Rodney Terry's backcourt is going to look very different. Max Abmas, IT Horton and Tyrese Hunter are out. Indiana State transfer Julian Larry, Arkansas transfer Tramon Mark and five-star recruit Tre Johnson are in. But the Longhorns need more knockdown shooters. Both Larry and Mark shot it well from beyond the arc last season, albeit on a lower volume.

Texas A&M

Priority: None.

A shooter was the biggest need for Texas A&M, and Buzz Williams took care of business on Monday by reeling in Nebraska sniper CJ Wilcher who can make a boatload of 3-pointers off movement. The Aggies' scholarship chart is full. This is shaping up to be a very old team with seven seniors expected to be in the rotation.


Priority: Two-way wing

New Vanderbilt coach Mark Byington wants to have a stable of guards/wings who can make plays off the bounce. North Texas transfer Jason Edwards is the big-name addition for Vanderbilt's backcourt, but the 'Dores need more explosiveness and SEC-caliber athleticism on the wing.

We've written close to 5,000 words. What, you thought we wouldn't also touch on college basketball's best mid-majors and other teams not in major conferences?

Team needs for other notable teams

Oregon State

Priority: Multiple guards

Wayne Tinkle was not axed, but Oregon State's bet on retention did not work. Eight Beavers entered the transfer portal, headlined by Tyler Bilodeau, Dexter Akanno and Jordan Pope. Oregon State is facing a total backcourt rebuild.

Washington State

Priority: Point Guard

New Washington State coach David Riley has kept Isaiah Watts in the fold and added Eastern Washington transfers LeJuan Watts and Ethan Price to the mix. But Washington State needs a point guard. Star Wazzu wing Jaylen Wells is going through the NBA Draft process, but he still hasn't entered the transfer portal. If Riley can get him back, Washington State's ceiling completely changes. Landing a game-changing point guard could help convince Wells that Washington State is the place to be if the NBA says he needs more seasoning.


Priority: Backcourt depth

Gonzaga looks pretty loaded right now on paper. Michael Ajayi should be a plug-and-play replacement for Anton Watson, and a healthy Steele Venters will be fantastic for a Zags squad with National Championship upside. Mark Few has to keep this group intact for a few more days before the portal closes, but one more guard would be the cherry on top of a strong offseason.


Priority: Frontcourt Depth

Flush with NIL cash, Penny Hardaway is making some big moves in the transfer portal. PJ Haggerty, Tyrese Hunter and Colby Rogers are three sterling additions to the backcourt. Illinois transfer center Dain Dainja will put up numbers. Get David Jones back, and Memphis is cooking with gas. Memphis has six open scholarships remaining, and acquiring frontcourt depth behind Dainja and Nick Jourdain is paramount.

Penny Hardaway and Memphis are primed for big things in 2024-25 Getty Images

New Mexico

Priority: Wing depth

New Mexico will be fretting for the next few days until the transfer portal finally closes. Its rotation is basically set now that CJ Noland hopped on board to join a Lobo backcourt that features Donovan Dent and Tru Washington. Its frontcourt could be in great shape if JT Toppin returns to New Mexico after going through the NBA Draft process and rejoins Nelly Junior Joseph and Mustapha Amzil. New Mexico has some young wings who have been waiting in the wings (figuratively and literally) for playing time. Maybe Richard Pitino tries to find a veteran upgrade, but he could easily sit tight if his top six remain intact.

San Diego State

Priority: None

San Diego State does not have any open scholarships after FAU transfer guard Nick Boyd took Micah Parrish's spot. One could open if Lamont Butler stays in the 2024 NBA Draft. In that case, San Diego State could go shopping around the big man market for a more proven piece to pair with Miles Heide to replace Jaedon LeDee.

Colorado State

Priority: Backcourt stars

Colorado State definitely has to replace stud point guard Isaiah Stevens, and Nique Clifford is another big name who could stay in the 2024 NBA Draft. Colorado State is already hitting the market hard for guards. It has a terrific sell, and the extension for Niko Medved was well-deserved and should help improve the pitch.

Saint Mary's

Priority: Lead guard

Aidan Mahaney's cold-blooded decision to enter the transfer portal will force Saint Mary's to go find a lead guard who can be a potential double-digit performer. It's a brutal loss for a Saint Mary's nucleus that had the pieces to be very good yet again. Finding a portal replacement is easier said than done.


Priority: Shooting Guards

Ohio State transfer Zed Key should be a serviceable, productive performer in DaRon Holmes' absence. But Dayton has to find more backcourt help after Koby Brea and Kobe Elvis hit the transfer portal for the high-major ranks. Dayton has an intriguing sell in the portal, and it's not far from being a darn good club, but the ceiling is far different without Elvis and Brea.