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Unlike the College Football Playoff, we don't drag things out with a selection show here at the Bottom 25. Let's cut straight to the chase: Kent State finished the season at No. 1 in the Bottom 25 amid a 1-11 debut campaign for Kenni Burns. If you wondered why Sean Lewis left a head coach position at Kent State to go be Deion Sanders' offensive coordinator at Colorado, this season should give you a pretty good idea.

It is incredibly difficult to win at Kent State, and Lewis may have hit the program's ceiling by going 18-10 in MAC play during his final four seasons on the job. Lewis accounted for two of the program's three all-time bowl appearances during his five seasons on the job and refined his offensive scheme in the process.

Without him, the Golden Flashes suffered a mass exodus of talent and immediately returned to their historical losing ways with the program's first winless conference record since 2005. What Lewis accomplished at Kent State is why you're hearing his name bandied about in connection to various head coaching openings, even after Sanders stripped him of play-calling duties with the Buffaloes late this season.

Here are the final Bottom 25 rankings of the season. Stay tuned for the playoffs in just a couple of weeks. As the No. 1 ranked team, the Golden Flashes are in excellent position to hoist the trophy. But there are plenty of other bad FBS teams that may give them a run for their money.

Bottom 25 rankings

After years as the QB1 of the Bottom 25, Tom Fornelli has passed the baton to David Cobb this season. We're still using Fornelli's power rankings to determine the order -- with the No. 1 ranking belonging to the worst FBS team -- but the written jabs are from Cobb. 

No longer ranked: Ball State, San Diego State