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Deion Sanders has only been the head coach at Colorado for one season, but people are already studying his approach. The University of Colorado Boulder just announced a class based on how Sanders handles his celebrity on top of coaching the football team.

In addition to being a legendary player and ascending coach, Sanders is also known for his ability to market himself. "Coach Prime" knows how to use all the eyeballs on him to create more opportunities for himself and his players. Now, Colorado will give all its student-athletes the ability to learn about that process. Sanders won't be teaching the class, but it will be taught by "a variety of media experts" at the university.

"The course will focus on helping college athletes explore how to manage their time in college, prepare for career, manage their celebrity, identify when best to speak into their profit center, advocate for worthy causes, coordinate with sports agents and how to interact with journalists and the media," the school writes in the course description.

In his first season as the head coach of the Buffaloes, Sanders led the program to a 3-0 start and garnered the attention of the college football world. Sanders took advantage of the media attention to raise the profile of the school, and he sold some Blenders sunglasses in the process.

Colorado went on to lose eight of its last nine games, but the 2023 season was still a step forward for the football team, and Sanders has already picked up some wins on the recruiting trail.