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The Apple Watch 9 may have lost its pulse oximeter, but there's still plenty to love about Apple's latest smartwatch -- including the price. The briefly banned watches are back in stock and at their lowest price of all time at Amazon and Walmart. So if you've been holding off on upgrading, the time to act is now. But don't go to the Apple Store to get a deal on the Apple Watch 9 -- you'll pay full price there. 

Instead, we recommend shopping at Amazon or Walmart, where all versions of the trendy smartwatch are currently on sale for up to $70 off.

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With prices on the Apple Watch 9 this low, Amazon and Walmart are selling out of certain color options. Prices for some colorways may be higher at one retailer than the other. Be sure to check both retailers to make sure you get the best price on the Apple Watch 9 you want.

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Note that to get full functionality of your Apple Watch 9 GPS + Cellular will require a monthly fee to your wireless carrier.

Get the Apple Watch 9 for $70 off


The best Apple Watch deals are at Amazon and Walmart. Right now, pricing starts at $329 for the 41mm size and just $359 for the 45mm size Apple Watch -- a savings of $70 on either model.

With the new Siri Health upgrade, starting a new workout and getting status updates along the way is a breeze with the Apple Watch 9. Instead of navigating the watch screen, just say "Siri, start an outdoor run workout" or "Siri, start a yoga workout." Your new watch will immediately start tracking the activity, even when you're not connected to Wi-Fi or a cellular network.

It also ranks as one of the best heart rate monitors thanks to its accurate heart rate tracking. The smartwatch tracks other essential metrics, too, including blood oxygen levels, body temperature and more for a clear picture of how hard your body is working during each exercise. Plus, it's crack-resistant and swim-proof so you can wear it confidently no matter what your workout involves.

This makes the Apple Watch 9 a great smartwatch for HIIT workouts, runners or anyone who needs to interact with their watch during workouts to check stats or start and stop timers. The hands-free functionality will seriously improve your workout experience so you can accurately log your activity without having to fuss with your watch.

Top features of the Apple Watch 9:

  • Siri Health turns Siri into your built-in fitness trainer, letting you start or stop workouts, check your health stats, and more with voice commands on your watch, with no Wi-Fi required.
  • The new double tap gesture lets you control any active app on your watch by double tapping your finger and thumb so you don't have to stop or slow down to navigate your watch.
  • The improved dictation is up to 25% more accurate so you can reply to texts, email and more while you work out.
  • You can take an ECG anytime.
  • The Apple Fitness+ app (three months free) offers new ways to train and gives deeper metrics into your body's performance.
  • Use Apple Wallet on the go so you can step out for a run without your phone.
  • The Apple Watch 9 is carbon neutral.
$329 and up $329 and up at Walmart

Save $60 on the new Apple Watch Ultra 2 at Amazon


Designed for serious athletes and outdoor adventurers, the new Apple Watch Ultra 2 (49 mm) adds a few more cool upgrades on top of those of the Apple Watch 9. Aside from the brighter screen (3,000 nits!), one of our favorite upgrades is the customizable watch face.

Modular Ultra, the watch face on the new Ultra, lets you customize which metrics and performance data are displayed on your watch. Each widget on the face can be customized to display whichever data you need so you don't have to toggle between screens anymore. Everything you need to check is on one screen.

It also boasts improved depth and altitude tolerance. Dive down as far as 100 meters (about 325 feet) or scale mountains as high as 9,000 meters (about 29,500 feet) above sea level. Since the tallest peak on earth is Mount Everest's 8,848-meter peak, that means you can take this to the top of literally any mountain on the planet.

The new built-in Depth app logs your dives and lets you review your most recent sessions on the watch. From your phone, you can see your complete dive history, complete with GPS pinpointed entry point.

The premium, rugged smartwatch regularly retails for $799 at Apple. Right now at Amazon, you can get it for $780 and up.

$780 and up

Save up to $70 on Apple Watch SE

If you're looking for the budget-minded second-generation Apple Watch SE (our favorite affordable alternative to the Apple Watch 9), the best place to shop is Walmart. The retailer has better-than-Amazon pricing for these models.