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Whether or not you can swing like Naomi Osaka or serve like Carlos Alcaraz, the right tennis racket is the first step toward perfecting your game. As much as you love that old racket (thank you for your service), it's your time to shine on the court. That means you need a new racket.

Whether you're an aggressive player who lives at the baseline, an all-court superstar who's always on the move or a complete newbie who has no idea what any of that means, there's a tennis racket out there that's perfectly crafted to help you hone your skill and your playing style. To help you find it, we've rounded up our favorite tennis rackets for every skill level. Keep reading to find the best tennis racket for you.

The best tennis rackets in 2024

From top-rated Amazon finds to the preferred rackets of tennis professionals, here are our picks for the best tennis rackets in 2024.

Best tennis racket overall: Babolat Pure Drive Lite


Babolat first introduced the Pure Drive tennis racket in 1994 and it quickly became the gold standard for power. Each subsequent model has brought innovation, making Pure Drive one of the most popular and versatile rackets available even today.

The Babolat Pure Drive Lite midsize racket has a 100 square-inch head and weighs in at just 9.5 ounces (unstrung). The rigid graphite frame adds explosive power to your shots without adding unwieldy weight so you'll still be able to maintain control over your shots. 

All of these details make the Babolat Pure Drive Lite a versatile and nimble racket for a variety of playing styles, from explosive serves to agile volleys. The jack-of-all-trades racket is great for beginners who don't know their style yet or recreational players who like to switch up their style.

Get it on Amazon for $219.

Why we like the Babolat Pure Drive Lite:

  • The 100 square-inch head size offers a good balance of forgiveness and control so beginners and intermediate players alike will enjoy this racket.
  • At 9.5 ounces, it's lightweight enough to swing comfortably.
  • The graphite frame offers a good balance of power and control to accommodate a variety of playing styles.
$219 at Amazon

Best tennis racket for beginners: Head Graphene Laser MP


When you're new to the sport, you need a tennis racket that's easy to maneuver and exceedingly forgiving of sloppy swings. That's the Head Graphene Laser MP. At 9.6 ounces with the strings on, it's light enough that you can practice your swings for hours without getting worn out.  

The 102 square-inch head offers a generous sweet spot without dipping into the oversized racket category (which can be a little unwieldy for newbies). That means you'll still feel in control of the racket, but it's big enough that you'll more easily nail your shots even when your swing is a little off.

Overall, it checks all the boxes for a beginner tennis player so you can get a feel for the sport. If you're just learning for fun, this tennis racket is balanced enough that you'll still enjoy using it even as you hone your skill.

Get it on Amazon for $99 (reduced from $120).

Why we like the Head Graphene Laser MP:

  • The midplus head size offers a generous sweet spot without being so big that it's hard for beginners to control.
  • The lightweight tennis racket is only 9.6 ounces when strung, so it's easy to maneuver and control.
  • The rigid yet lightweight graphite frame is great when you want to add power to your shots but don't want the bulk of a heavyweight tennis racket.
$99 at Amazon

Best tennis racket for aggressive players: Yonex VCore 100


The Yonex VCore 100 is a great pick for aggressive players. This model features new frame geometry delivering precise spin and control, ultimately meaning deeper baseline strokes.

Weighing in at 11.3 ounces, it's also a heavyweight racket so you can let your tennis racket do the heavy lifting when serving or slicing, rather than relying solely on muscle. The rigid graphite frame also helps add extra oomph to your shots while also improving stability so you can enjoy both power and accuracy. 

Overall, it's a great design for aggressive players who emphasize powerful strokes and rapid-fire returns to keep their opponent chasing balls all over the court. Get the propulsive tennis racket on Amazon for $258.

Why we like the Yonex VCore 100:

  • At 11.3 ounces, this is a heavyweight racket great for adding power to your shots.
  • The 100 square-inch head size is versatile enough to execute a variety of shots. 
  • A graphite frame adds stability for improved accuracy and precision. 
$258 at Amazon

Best tennis racket for all-court players: Wilson Blade 98 V8


The Wilson Blade 98 V8 features a new layup, improving stability and delivering a more connected-to-the-ball feel popular with both aggressive players and precise hitters. The elastic finish on the frame morphs between shades of green and copper, a wow for opponents.

Aptly named the Wilson Blade, this tennis racket features a smaller head size of 98 square inches. This makes it nimble and easy to control--but it also makes it a little less beginner-friendly since the sweet spot is smaller. 

While it's smaller in size, this tennis racket is heavy, weighing in at 11.3 ounces. That unique combination of a narrower head and heavier weight is what makes it a great pick for all-court players. 

If you spend just as much time at the baseline as you do at the net, you need a racket that can transition from powerful offensive shots to precision volleys without skipping a beat. The Wilson Blade 98 V8 is compact enough for those close encounters at the net, yet heavy enough to deliver a surprising amount of power when you need it.

Get it on Amazon for $175 (reduced from $249).

Why we like the Wilson Blade 98 V8:

  • The 98 square-inch head size is compact enough to maneuver through volleys and overhead shots at the net.
  • The 11.3-ounce graphite frame is heavy and rigid to maximize power whether you're hitting flat shots or chasing them.
  • The small but heavy tennis racket is a great pick for all-court players or experienced recreational players who like switching between different styles.
$175 at Amazon

Best tennis racket on a budget: Head Ti Conquest


Head is the preferred brand of the legendary Coco Gauff. While her tennis racket is more advanced and tailored to her playing style than this one, the Head Ti Conquest is still a solid choice for newbies and recreational tennis players.

At 108 square inches, this tennis racket is oversized so you'll enjoy a wide sweet spot and have no trouble putting plenty of power into your serves and slices. Meanwhile, the nano titanium frame is lightweight, durable and comfortable to swing.

While it won't offer as much power as a carbon fiber or graphite tennis racket, the Head Ti Conquest makes up for that with the larger head size and the headlight balance--meaning the head is lighter than the handle. That balance helps reduce vibration on impact with the ball to keep your grip stable through the swing.

Get the oversized, stable tennis racket for just $40 on Amazon.

Why we like the Head Ti Conquest:

  • With a 108 square inch head size, this tennis racket has a generous sweet spot that's great for beginners.
  • The lightweight yet durable frame is built for stability to help improve the precision and accuracy of your shots.
  • At just $40, this is one of the best tennis rackets you'll find under $50.
$40 at Amazon

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What to look for in a tennis racket

Regardless of skill level, there are key factors every tennis player should consider when purchasing a new racket.

Head size: The head size of a racket is measured in square inches.  Larger head sizes (measuring over 100 square inches) offer more forgiveness on off-center hits, while smaller head sizes provide more control and precision.  Newer players should look for a racket with a larger head size, which will feature a larger sweet spot in the center.

Weight: When it comes to the weight of a racket, the lighter it is, the easier it is to maneuver. Newer players should look for lighter rackets, weighing less than 10 ounces, which offer more racket speed. Heavier rackets provide more power and stability but require more strength from the player.

Grip size: A racket's grip size is the circumference of the handle. Most rackets come in various grip sizes (for example, 4 1/4, 4 3/8, 5). Playing too long with a grip that's too small can lead to tennis elbow. Playing with a grip that's too large can inhibit serving and also lead to tennis elbow.

Measure your grip size by opening your hand (palm up) with your fingers extended close together. Place a ruler at the bottom lateral crease of your palm (somewhere just below the knuckles) and measure to the tip of your ring finger. 

If you're between sizes, choose the smaller grip size. It's easier to add overgrip to a racket to increase the grip size, but it's rarely possible to decrease the grip size on a racket.

Length: Standard rackets measure 27 inches, though it's possible to purchase a racket that is shorter or longer.  Longer rackets offer more reach and power, while a shorter racket is easier to maneuver.