I've referred before to the "globbing" at pitcher in 2023, wherein a confluence of factors ranging from a shift ban to an increase in base activity essentially did away with the upper class and replaced it with a tangled mass of unpredictability. That's a mild exaggeration, of course, but what distinctions did exist were less stark and more wobbly.

If you wondered how that league-wide development might change drafting behaviors for 2024, our first Head-to-Head points mock offers some clues. It's the format that generally favors starting pitching, as you're probably aware, but starting pitchers weren't exactly a hot commodity early on. True, Gerrit Cole and Spencer Strider went off the board in Round 1, and they do stand out over the rest of the crop. But Round 2 would have been completely devoid of starting pitchers if not for Zac Gallen at Pick 15, who seemed out of place there and was probably picked in anticipation of a run that didn't happen. I'd venture to say he won't be one of the first five pitchers selected in most Fantasy leagues.

The drafting of pitchers picked up in Round 3, but it wasn't until Round 5 that more pitchers than hitters went off the board, which is a bit late in the game given how few hitter spots there are to fill in this format. It seemed to me like most of the participants in this draft implemented some variation of the same strategy I intend to use this year. Let's go ahead and make those introductions now:

1) Doug Roe, former Podcast League champ
2) Frank Stampfl, CBS Sports (@Roto_Frank)
3) Nick Fox, NBC Sports (@CT_FOX)
4) Chris Mitchell, FantasyData (@CJMitch73)
5) Chris Welsh, In This League podcast (@IsItTheWelsh)
6) Chris Towers, CBS Sports (@CTowersCBS)
7) Tim Kanak, Fantasy Aceball (@fantasyaceball)
8) R.J. White, CBS Sports (@rjwhite1)
9) Sonny Villani, Major League Dynasty (@_sonnyvillani)
10) B_Don, Razzball (@RazzBDon)
11) Scott White, CBS Sports (@CBSScottWhite)
12) Jake Holland, formerly The Toss Up podcast (@jakebaseball17)

So what strategy am I referring to? Basically, I'm loading up on hitters until all the MVP-caliber bats are gone since they stand a better chance than the early-round pitchers of distinguishing themselves from what comes later. Those MVP-caliber bats generally last for about four rounds before giving way to something more interchangeable, at which point I pivot hard to pitching, looking to score as many hopeful difference-makers as I can until the position truly descends into that glob of mediocrity. It's a quantity-over-quality approach built on the recognition that "quality" in this environment is hard to pin down.

To contrast my team with one that didn't make the pivot, Chris Towers kept drafting hitters all the way through Round 7. For me, Ketel Marte and Christian Walker don't provide a clear enough advantage at second and first base, respectively, to settle for Jesus Luzardo and Mitch Keller at the top of my rotation. They're fine pitchers, but they're toward the back end of the fine pitchers. And you need an abundance of fine pitchers to make up for a lack of aces.

Here are a few other scattered observations from the draft:

  •  If you happened to catch our first mock draft, which was geared for Rotisserie leagues, you may be surprised by how far Bobby Witt, Corbin Carroll and Julio Rodriguez slid in this one, with the latter two lasting until Round 2. They're consensus top-five picks in Rotisserie mostly because of their abundant stolen bases, which are valuable in points scoring, too, but not essential like they are in Rotisserie. More than anything, the disparity is a testament to how many first round-caliber hitters there are. Carroll (3.80 points per game in 2023) and Rodriguez (3.59) would still make for fine choices, but so do Corey Seager (4.14) and Juan Soto (3.64).
  • Speaking of Soto, this was our first mock since he was traded to the Yankees, a move which you can see has completely renewed enthusiasm for him. Granted, Head-to-Head points has always been his better format given that he walks so much and strikes out so little, but given how much he struggled at Petco Park, the move to Yankee Stadium figures to be transformative. He lasted to Round 2 in our first Rotisserie mock but is now almost certainly a first-rounder in that format as well.
  • Other players who likely went earlier in this draft because of recent transactions in the real world include Jeimer Candelario (121 overall), Eduardo Rodriguez (125), Jung Ho Lee (179), Craig Kimbrel (212), Luis Severino (218) and Jarred Kelenic (226).
  • "Strap in, boys" is what Chris Welsh said before taking the plunge on Wyatt Langford with the fifth pick in Round 9, clearly in anticipation of the top prospect making the Rangers' opening day roster. It's a realistic possibility after the fourth pick in the 2023 draft surged through the team's entire minor-league system last season, and if we're to believe that his plate discipline will translate, he could be a natural in this scoring format. For what it's worth, Jackson Chourio, another top outfield prospect with perhaps an even better chance of making the opening day roster after signing an eight-year deal this offseason, went off the board seven picks later.
  • Round 20 stood out as one of the most interesting in the draft because of how unconventional it was. It seemed like most participants used it to pick up a pet player, not wanting him to go undrafted. My choice was Erick Fedde, who just signed on with the White Sox after a year spent dominating the Korean league with a revamped arsenal that's been compared to Logan Webb's. He won their equivalent of both the Cy Young and MVP, and if his price remains this low, I'll be drafting him everywhere.

Now, for the full results ...

Round By Round
Round 1
Pos Team Player
1 Doug Roe R. Acuna RF ATL
2 Frank Stampfl M. Betts RF LAD
3 Nick Fox J. Soto LF NYY
4 Chris Mitchell G. Cole SP NYY
5 Chris Welsh F. Freeman 1B LAD
6 Chris Towers J. Ramirez 3B CLE
7 Tim Kanak A. Judge RF NYY
8 R.J. White S. Strider SP ATL
9 Sonny Villani B. Witt SS KC
10 B_Don K. Tucker RF HOU
11 Scott White C. Seager SS TEX
12 Jake Holland Y. Alvarez DH HOU
Round 2
Pos Team Player
13 Jake Holland A. Riley 3B ATL
14 Scott White C. Carroll LF ARI
15 B_Don Z. Gallen SP ARI
16 Sonny Villani J. Rodriguez CF SEA
17 R.J. White M. Olson 1B ATL
18 Tim Kanak S. Ohtani DH LAD
19 Chris Towers F. Tatis RF SD
20 Chris Welsh T. Turner SS PHI
21 Chris Mitchell M. Semien 2B TEX
22 Nick Fox P. Alonso 1B NYM
23 Frank Stampfl B. Harper DH PHI
24 Doug Roe O. Albies 2B ATL
Round 3
Pos Team Player
25 Doug Roe C. Burnes SP BAL
26 Frank Stampfl R. Devers 3B BOS
27 Nick Fox Z. Wheeler SP PHI
28 Chris Mitchell V. Guerrero 1B TOR
29 Chris Welsh K. Gausman SP TOR
30 Chris Towers F. Lindor SS NYM
31 Tim Kanak G. Henderson 3B BAL
32 R.J. White A. Nola SP PHI
33 Sonny Villani L. Castillo SP SEA
34 B_Don B. Snell SP SF
35 Scott White J. Altuve 2B HOU
36 Jake Holland L. Robert CF CHW
Round 4
Pos Team Player
37 Jake Holland L. Webb SP SF
38 Scott White A. Bregman 3B HOU
39 B_Don C. Abrams SS WAS
40 Sonny Villani N. Jones LF COL
41 R.J. White A. Garcia RF TEX
42 Tim Kanak G. Kirby SP SEA
43 Chris Towers K. Schwarber LF PHI
44 Chris Welsh F. Valdez SP HOU
45 Chris Mitchell R. Arozarena LF TB
46 Nick Fox A. Rutschman C BAL
47 Frank Stampfl B. Bichette SS TOR
48 Doug Roe Yoshinobu Yamamoto SP Unaffiliated
Round 5
Pos Team Player
49 Doug Roe M. Machado 3B SD
50 Frank Stampfl T. Glasnow SP LAD
51 Nick Fox L. Gilbert SP SEA
52 Chris Mitchell D. Cease SP SD
53 Chris Welsh M. Trout CF LAA
54 Chris Towers C. Yelich LF MIL
55 Tim Kanak P. Lopez SP MIN
56 R.J. White C. Bellinger CF CHC
57 Sonny Villani T. Skubal SP DET
58 B_Don K. Senga SP NYM
59 Scott White C. Ragans RP KC
60 Jake Holland M. Fried SP ATL
Round 6
Pos Team Player
61 Jake Holland E. De La Cruz SS CIN
62 Scott White J. Steele SP CHC
63 B_Don N. Hoerner 2B CHC
64 Sonny Villani M. Harris CF ATL
65 R.J. White F. Peralta SP MIL
66 Tim Kanak P. Goldschmidt 1B STL
67 Chris Towers K. Marte 2B ARI
68 Chris Welsh G. Torres 2B NYY
69 Chris Mitchell B. Reynolds LF PIT
70 Nick Fox N. Arenado 3B STL
71 Frank Stampfl K. Bradish SP BAL
72 Doug Roe J. Chisholm CF MIA
Round 7
Pos Team Player
73 Doug Roe C. Bassitt SP TOR
74 Frank Stampfl G. Springer RF TOR
75 Nick Fox J. Montgomery SP ARI
76 Chris Mitchell C. Mullins CF BAL
77 Chris Welsh M. Muncy 3B LAD
78 Chris Towers C. Walker 1B ARI
79 Tim Kanak M. McLain SS CIN
80 R.J. White O. Cruz SS PIT
81 Sonny Villani W. Smith C LAD
82 B_Don R. Lewis 3B MIN
83 Scott White Z. Eflin SP TB
84 Jake Holland W. Buehler SP LAD
Round 8
Pos Team Player
85 Jake Holland G. Rodriguez SP BAL
86 Scott White J. Musgrove SP SD
87 B_Don C. Encarnacion-Strand 1B CIN
88 Sonny Villani J. Ryan SP MIN
89 R.J. White E. Perez SP MIA
90 Tim Kanak E. Carter LF TEX
91 Chris Towers J. Luzardo SP MIA
92 Chris Welsh T. Bibee SP CLE
93 Chris Mitchell X. Bogaerts SS SD
94 Nick Fox B. Miller SP LAD
95 Frank Stampfl M. Scherzer SP TEX
96 Doug Roe S. Gray SP STL
Round 9
Pos Team Player
97 Doug Roe D. Williams RP MIL
98 Frank Stampfl B. Stott 2B PHI
99 Nick Fox S. Kwan LF CLE
100 Chris Mitchell J. Hader RP HOU
101 Chris Welsh W. Langford LF TEX
102 Chris Towers M. Keller SP PIT
103 Tim Kanak M. King RP SD
104 R.J. White E. Clase RP CLE
105 Sonny Villani E. Diaz RP NYM
106 B_Don S. Steer 1B CIN
107 Scott White M. Kelly SP ARI
108 Jake Holland J. Chourio CF MIL
Round 10
Pos Team Player
109 Jake Holland V. Pasquantino 1B KC
110 Scott White J. Lowe RF TB
111 B_Don J. Verlander SP HOU
112 Sonny Villani J. Jung 3B TEX
113 R.J. White W. Contreras C MIL
114 Tim Kanak J. Holliday SS BAL
115 Chris Towers J. Berrios SP TOR
116 Chris Welsh J. Realmuto C PHI
117 Chris Mitchell C. Morton SP ATL
118 Nick Fox T. Edman 2B STL
119 Frank Stampfl G. Williams SP CLE
120 Doug Roe T. Casas 1B BOS
Round 11
Pos Team Player
121 Doug Roe J. Candelario 3B CIN
122 Frank Stampfl S. Suzuki RF CHC
123 Nick Fox A. Gimenez 2B CLE
124 Chris Mitchell S. Bieber SP CLE
125 Chris Welsh E. Rodriguez SP ARI
126 Chris Towers D. Bednar RP PIT
127 Tim Kanak Y. Darvish SP SD
128 R.J. White H. Kim 2B SD
129 Sonny Villani H. Brown SP HOU
130 B_Don A. Diaz RP CIN
131 Scott White Y. Diaz 1B TB
132 Jake Holland J. Romano RP TOR
Round 12
Pos Team Player
133 Jake Holland L. Arraez 2B MIA
134 Scott White M. Ozuna DH ATL
135 B_Don T. McKenzie SP CLE
136 Sonny Villani Z. Gelof 2B OAK
137 R.J. White B. Garrett SP MIA
138 Tim Kanak S. Baz SP TB
139 Chris Towers C. Rodon SP NYY
140 Chris Welsh C. Doval RP SF
141 Chris Mitchell K. Jansen RP BOS
142 Nick Fox C. Javier SP HOU
143 Frank Stampfl Y. Diaz C HOU
144 Doug Roe J. Walker RF STL
Round 13
Pos Team Player
145 Doug Roe C. Kershaw SP LAD
146 Frank Stampfl S. Torkelson 1B DET
147 Nick Fox I. Happ LF CHC
148 Chris Mitchell N. Eovaldi SP TEX
149 Chris Welsh C. Sale SP ATL
150 Chris Towers B. Miller SP SEA
151 Tim Kanak L. Nootbaar CF STL
152 R.J. White N. Castellanos RF PHI
153 Sonny Villani A. Bohm 3B PHI
154 B_Don J. Duran RP MIN
155 Scott White H. Greene SP CIN
156 Jake Holland B. Bello SP BOS
Round 14
Pos Team Player
157 Jake Holland M. Yoshida LF BOS
158 Scott White R. Iglesias RP ATL
159 B_Don J. Soler DH SF
160 Sonny Villani B. Nimmo CF NYM
161 R.J. White B. Ober SP MIN
162 Tim Kanak B. Woo SP SEA
163 Chris Towers S. Murphy C ATL
164 Chris Welsh G. Stanton DH NYY
165 Chris Mitchell R. McMahon 3B COL
166 Nick Fox D. Swanson SS CHC
167 Frank Stampfl N. Lodolo SP CIN
168 Doug Roe K. Gibson SP STL
Round 15
Pos Team Player
169 Doug Roe R. Pressly RP HOU
170 Frank Stampfl P. Sewald RP ARI
171 Nick Fox C. Holmes RP NYY
172 Chris Mitchell S. Perez C KC
173 Chris Welsh L. Thomas RF WAS
174 Chris Towers A. Abbott SP CIN
175 Tim Kanak A. Civale SP TB
176 R.J. White I. Paredes 3B TB
177 Sonny Villani P. Fairbanks RP TB
178 B_Don C. Raleigh C SEA
179 Scott White Jung Hoo Lee OF SF
180 Jake Holland N. Lowe 1B TEX
Round 16
Pos Team Player
181 Jake Holland N. Pivetta RP BOS
182 Scott White Shota Imanaga SP Unaffiliated
183 B_Don C. Cowser RF BAL
184 Sonny Villani R. Detmers SP LAA
185 R.J. White B. Pfaadt SP ARI
186 Tim Kanak L. Giolito SP BOS
187 Chris Towers E. Cabrera SP MIA
188 Chris Welsh R. Greene CF DET
189 Chris Mitchell T. Hernandez RF LAD
190 Nick Fox D. Varsho LF TOR
191 Frank Stampfl R. Pepiot RP TB
192 Doug Roe A. Volpe SS NYY
Round 17
Pos Team Player
193 Doug Roe K. Ruiz C WAS
194 Frank Stampfl J. Caminero 3B TB
195 Nick Fox J. Pena SS HOU
196 Chris Mitchell A. Manoah SP TOR
197 Chris Welsh T. Bradley SP TB
198 Chris Towers T. Wells SP BAL
199 Tim Kanak P. Skenes SP PIT
200 R.J. White R. Helsley RP STL
201 Sonny Villani T. Friedl CF CIN
202 B_Don L. Allen SP CLE
203 Scott White J. Naylor 1B CLE
204 Jake Holland J. Heim C TEX
Round 18
Pos Team Player
205 Jake Holland J. Means SP BAL
206 Scott White C. Sanchez SP PHI
207 B_Don M. Stroman SP NYY
208 Sonny Villani Y. Kikuchi SP TOR
209 R.J. White E. Jimenez DH CHW
210 Tim Kanak B. Donovan 2B STL
211 Chris Towers M. Gore SP WAS
212 Chris Welsh C. Kimbrel RP BAL
213 Chris Mitchell L. Lynn SP STL
214 Nick Fox N. Cortes SP NYY
215 Frank Stampfl S. Lugo SP KC
216 Doug Roe W. Adames SS MIL
Round 19
Pos Team Player
217 Doug Roe J. Gray SP WAS
218 Frank Stampfl L. Severino SP NYM
219 Nick Fox E. Phillips RP LAD
220 Chris Mitchell R. Hoskins 1B MIL
221 Chris Welsh J. Lawlar SS ARI
222 Chris Towers W. Contreras C STL
223 Tim Kanak B. Naylor C CLE
224 R.J. White K. Crawford SP BOS
225 Sonny Villani A. Santander RF BAL
226 B_Don J. Kelenic LF ATL
227 Scott White A. Munoz RP SEA
228 Jake Holland E. Tovar SS COL
Round 20
Pos Team Player
229 Jake Holland C. McCormick LF HOU
230 Scott White E. Fedde SP CHW
231 B_Don V. Grissom SS BOS
232 Sonny Villani J. Boyle SP OAK
233 R.J. White C. Paddack RP MIN
234 Tim Kanak E. Julien 2B MIN
235 Chris Towers R. Mountcastle 1B BAL
236 Chris Welsh J. Burger 3B MIA
237 Chris Mitchell M. Mikolas SP STL
238 Nick Fox G. Ashcraft SP CIN
239 Frank Stampfl R. Olson SP DET
240 Doug Roe J. Outman CF LAD
Round 21
Pos Team Player
241 Doug Roe J. Duran CF BOS
242 Frank Stampfl K. Maeda SP DET
243 Nick Fox J. McNeil 2B NYM
244 Chris Mitchell J. Springs SP TB
245 Chris Welsh C. Estevez RP LAA
246 Chris Towers A. Puk RP MIA
247 Tim Kanak N. Martinez RP CIN
248 R.J. White F. Montas RP CIN
249 Sonny Villani K. Carpenter RF DET
250 B_Don B. Buxton DH MIN
251 Scott White M. Garver DH SEA
252 Jake Holland M. Miller SP OAK
Team by Team
Doug Roe
Rd Pk Player
1 1 R. Acuna RF ATL
2 24 O. Albies 2B ATL
3 25 C. Burnes SP BAL
4 48 Yoshinobu Yamamoto SP Unaffiliated
5 49 M. Machado 3B SD
6 72 J. Chisholm CF MIA
7 73 C. Bassitt SP TOR
8 96 S. Gray SP STL
9 97 D. Williams RP MIL
10 120 T. Casas 1B BOS
11 121 J. Candelario 3B CIN
12 144 J. Walker RF STL
13 145 C. Kershaw SP LAD
14 168 K. Gibson SP STL
15 169 R. Pressly RP HOU
16 192 A. Volpe SS NYY
17 193 K. Ruiz C WAS
18 216 W. Adames SS MIL
19 217 J. Gray SP WAS
20 240 J. Outman CF LAD
21 241 J. Duran CF BOS
Frank Stampfl
Rd Pk Player
1 2 M. Betts RF LAD
2 23 B. Harper DH PHI
3 26 R. Devers 3B BOS
4 47 B. Bichette SS TOR
5 50 T. Glasnow SP LAD
6 71 K. Bradish SP BAL
7 74 G. Springer RF TOR
8 95 M. Scherzer SP TEX
9 98 B. Stott 2B PHI
10 119 G. Williams SP CLE
11 122 S. Suzuki RF CHC
12 143 Y. Diaz C HOU
13 146 S. Torkelson 1B DET
14 167 N. Lodolo SP CIN
15 170 P. Sewald RP ARI
16 191 R. Pepiot RP TB
17 194 J. Caminero 3B TB
18 215 S. Lugo SP KC
19 218 L. Severino SP NYM
20 239 R. Olson SP DET
21 242 K. Maeda SP DET
Nick Fox
Rd Pk Player
1 3 J. Soto LF NYY
2 22 P. Alonso 1B NYM
3 27 Z. Wheeler SP PHI
4 46 A. Rutschman C BAL
5 51 L. Gilbert SP SEA
6 70 N. Arenado 3B STL
7 75 J. Montgomery SP ARI
8 94 B. Miller SP LAD
9 99 S. Kwan LF CLE
10 118 T. Edman 2B STL
11 123 A. Gimenez 2B CLE
12 142 C. Javier SP HOU
13 147 I. Happ LF CHC
14 166 D. Swanson SS CHC
15 171 C. Holmes RP NYY
16 190 D. Varsho LF TOR
17 195 J. Pena SS HOU
18 214 N. Cortes SP NYY
19 219 E. Phillips RP LAD
20 238 G. Ashcraft SP CIN
21 243 J. McNeil 2B NYM
Chris Mitchell
Rd Pk Player
1 4 G. Cole SP NYY
2 21 M. Semien 2B TEX
3 28 V. Guerrero 1B TOR
4 45 R. Arozarena LF TB
5 52 D. Cease SP SD
6 69 B. Reynolds LF PIT
7 76 C. Mullins CF BAL
8 93 X. Bogaerts SS SD
9 100 J. Hader RP HOU
10 117 C. Morton SP ATL
11 124 S. Bieber SP CLE
12 141 K. Jansen RP BOS
13 148 N. Eovaldi SP TEX
14 165 R. McMahon 3B COL
15 172 S. Perez C KC
16 189 T. Hernandez RF LAD
17 196 A. Manoah SP TOR
18 213 L. Lynn SP STL
19 220 R. Hoskins 1B MIL
20 237 M. Mikolas SP STL
21 244 J. Springs SP TB
Chris Welsh
Rd Pk Player
1 5 F. Freeman 1B LAD
2 20 T. Turner SS PHI
3 29 K. Gausman SP TOR
4 44 F. Valdez SP HOU
5 53 M. Trout CF LAA
6 68 G. Torres 2B NYY
7 77 M. Muncy 3B LAD
8 92 T. Bibee SP CLE
9 101 W. Langford LF TEX
10 116 J. Realmuto C PHI
11 125 E. Rodriguez SP ARI
12 140 C. Doval RP SF
13 149 C. Sale SP ATL
14 164 G. Stanton DH NYY
15 173 L. Thomas RF WAS
16 188 R. Greene CF DET
17 197 T. Bradley SP TB
18 212 C. Kimbrel RP BAL
19 221 J. Lawlar SS ARI
20 236 J. Burger 3B MIA
21 245 C. Estevez RP LAA
Chris Towers
Rd Pk Player
1 6 J. Ramirez 3B CLE
2 19 F. Tatis RF SD
3 30 F. Lindor SS NYM
4 43 K. Schwarber LF PHI
5 54 C. Yelich LF MIL
6 67 K. Marte 2B ARI
7 78 C. Walker 1B ARI
8 91 J. Luzardo SP MIA
9 102 M. Keller SP PIT
10 115 J. Berrios SP TOR
11 126 D. Bednar RP PIT
12 139 C. Rodon SP NYY
13 150 B. Miller SP SEA
14 163 S. Murphy C ATL
15 174 A. Abbott SP CIN
16 187 E. Cabrera SP MIA
17 198 T. Wells SP BAL
18 211 M. Gore SP WAS
19 222 W. Contreras C STL
20 235 R. Mountcastle 1B BAL
21 246 A. Puk RP MIA
Tim Kanak
Rd Pk Player
1 7 A. Judge RF NYY
2 18 S. Ohtani DH LAD
3 31 G. Henderson 3B BAL
4 42 G. Kirby SP SEA
5 55 P. Lopez SP MIN
6 66 P. Goldschmidt 1B STL
7 79 M. McLain SS CIN
8 90 E. Carter LF TEX
9 103 M. King RP SD
10 114 J. Holliday SS BAL
11 127 Y. Darvish SP SD
12 138 S. Baz SP TB
13 151 L. Nootbaar CF STL
14 162 B. Woo SP SEA
15 175 A. Civale SP TB
16 186 L. Giolito SP BOS
17 199 P. Skenes SP PIT
18 210 B. Donovan 2B STL
19 223 B. Naylor C CLE
20 234 E. Julien 2B MIN
21 247 N. Martinez RP CIN
R.J. White
Rd Pk Player
1 8 S. Strider SP ATL
2 17 M. Olson 1B ATL
3 32 A. Nola SP PHI
4 41 A. Garcia RF TEX
5 56 C. Bellinger CF CHC
6 65 F. Peralta SP MIL
7 80 O. Cruz SS PIT
8 89 E. Perez SP MIA
9 104 E. Clase RP CLE
10 113 W. Contreras C MIL
11 128 H. Kim 2B SD
12 137 B. Garrett SP MIA
13 152 N. Castellanos RF PHI
14 161 B. Ober SP MIN
15 176 I. Paredes 3B TB
16 185 B. Pfaadt SP ARI
17 200 R. Helsley RP STL
18 209 E. Jimenez DH CHW
19 224 K. Crawford SP BOS
20 233 C. Paddack RP MIN
21 248 F. Montas RP CIN
Sonny Villani
Rd Pk Player
1 9 B. Witt SS KC
2 16 J. Rodriguez CF SEA
3 33 L. Castillo SP SEA
4 40 N. Jones LF COL
5 57 T. Skubal SP DET
6 64 M. Harris CF ATL
7 81 W. Smith C LAD
8 88 J. Ryan SP MIN
9 105 E. Diaz RP NYM
10 112 J. Jung 3B TEX
11 129 H. Brown SP HOU
12 136 Z. Gelof 2B OAK
13 153 A. Bohm 3B PHI
14 160 B. Nimmo CF NYM
15 177 P. Fairbanks RP TB
16 184 R. Detmers SP LAA
17 201 T. Friedl CF CIN
18 208 Y. Kikuchi SP TOR
19 225 A. Santander RF BAL
20 232 J. Boyle SP OAK
21 249 K. Carpenter RF DET
Rd Pk Player
1 10 K. Tucker RF HOU
2 15 Z. Gallen SP ARI
3 34 B. Snell SP SF
4 39 C. Abrams SS WAS
5 58 K. Senga SP NYM
6 63 N. Hoerner 2B CHC
7 82 R. Lewis 3B MIN
8 87 C. Encarnacion-Strand 1B CIN
9 106 S. Steer 1B CIN
10 111 J. Verlander SP HOU
11 130 A. Diaz RP CIN
12 135 T. McKenzie SP CLE
13 154 J. Duran RP MIN
14 159 J. Soler DH SF
15 178 C. Raleigh C SEA
16 183 C. Cowser RF BAL
17 202 L. Allen SP CLE
18 207 M. Stroman SP NYY
19 226 J. Kelenic LF ATL
20 231 V. Grissom SS BOS
21 250 B. Buxton DH MIN
Scott White
Rd Pk Player
1 11 C. Seager SS TEX
2 14 C. Carroll LF ARI
3 35 J. Altuve 2B HOU
4 38 A. Bregman 3B HOU
5 59 C. Ragans RP KC
6 62 J. Steele SP CHC
7 83 Z. Eflin SP TB
8 86 J. Musgrove SP SD
9 107 M. Kelly SP ARI
10 110 J. Lowe RF TB
11 131 Y. Diaz 1B TB
12 134 M. Ozuna DH ATL
13 155 H. Greene SP CIN
14 158 R. Iglesias RP ATL
15 179 Jung Hoo Lee OF SF
16 182 Shota Imanaga SP Unaffiliated
17 203 J. Naylor 1B CLE
18 206 C. Sanchez SP PHI
19 227 A. Munoz RP SEA
20 230 E. Fedde SP CHW
21 251 M. Garver DH SEA
Jake Holland
Rd Pk Player
1 12 Y. Alvarez DH HOU
2 13 A. Riley 3B ATL
3 36 L. Robert CF CHW
4 37 L. Webb SP SF
5 60 M. Fried SP ATL
6 61 E. De La Cruz SS CIN
7 84 W. Buehler SP LAD
8 85 G. Rodriguez SP BAL
9 108 J. Chourio CF MIL
10 109 V. Pasquantino 1B KC
11 132 J. Romano RP TOR
12 133 L. Arraez 2B MIA
13 156 B. Bello SP BOS
14 157 M. Yoshida LF BOS
15 180 N. Lowe 1B TEX
16 181 N. Pivetta RP BOS
17 204 J. Heim C TEX
18 205 J. Means SP BAL
19 228 E. Tovar SS COL
20 229 C. McCormick LF HOU
21 252 M. Miller SP OAK