For the most part the changes you see in the May update of my Dynasty position rankings are going to be made based on 2024 projections. That's partially because I did a big projections update just before I updated my Dynasty rankings. But it's also because I weigh current season projections more the closer we get to the start of the season. This should make some sense, projections are more accurate in August than they are in February, and the closer we get to August the more confident we feel in those projections. 

One side note on the impact of projections is that you do see a little slide from rookies like Xavier Legette, Ja'Lynn Polk, and Adonai Mitchell. That's because they aren't projected to do much in 2024. Just don't look at them moving down a few spots and think it has anything to do with them. 

One of the biggest movers up was Marvin Mims, who hopefully is going to have a much bigger impact than he did in 2023. Mims is ranked one spot ahead of his teammate Troy Franklin and I'm buying both at a Round 2 price tage. Jerry Jeudy is already gone and Courtland Sutton may not be far behind him. Sean Payton is remaking this offense with his guys, and both Mims and Franklin fit in that category.

I liked Mims slightly more than Franklin as a prospect, and the Broncos took Mims about 40 picks higher in the draft, so I assume they did too. Still, this is pretty close to a coin flip situation and even if Sutton sticks around it's possible any of the three could lead the Broncos in Fantasy points this season. 

A quick look at May Dynasty ADP shows both of these guys as big values in my opinion. Mims is WR66 there, while Franklin checks in as WR70. That suggests it may be possible to acquire one of them for a Round 3 rookie pick, which is a bet I would be more than willing to make. Sutton is WR54 by ADP, which is about 12 spots higher than I have him. While he is currently my highest projected Broncos wide receiver he'll also turn 29 later this year and has just one season in his career where he has topped 1,000 yards. 

Based on May ADP you should be able to turn Sutton into Mims or Franklin in a trade. I would happily do either, especially if I didn't view myself as a true contender this season. Keenan Allan and DeAndre Hopkins are another pair of veteran wide outs I would sell for the young Broncos if I was looking to move into rebuild mode.

Here are my updated Dynasty wide receiver rankings: