Minnesota Twins

The Minnesota Twins have become the latest MLB franchise to release their City Connect uniforms for the 2024 season. The uniforms drew inspiration from the "Land of 10,000 Lakes," Minnesota's famous moniker.

The Twins will wear the uniforms for the first time Friday against the Oakland Athletics, and they will wear them 11 times total over the rest of the season. Minnesota was the final team to unveil their City Connect uniforms this season.

The City Connect uniforms used a design the Twins have called the "Ripple Effect." According to, the "Ripple Effect" was the "hope was to go beyond the visual anchor of the lakes and to further embody the vibes and serenity that lakes bring to the lives of Minnesotans."

"We really feel like that's what the Twins do: We create positive action and we hope that that ripples out throughout the community," Twins vice president of brand marketing Heather Hinkel said. "So that's the story we're going to be telling, along with the jersey."

The jerseys have an azure blue color scheme that pops even more with yellow belts and yellow brims on the hats. The uniforms are meant to have fans feel like they're spending a day at a cabin on one of the lakes. Different shades of blue are present throughout the jersey and represent the ripples of a lake.

The hats also feature an outline of the state of Minnesota with a blue and yellow color scheme. The logo also contains the North Star, which is placed on the location of the Twin Cities. In addition, a "10,000 Lakes" decal is featured on the right side of the hat.