Aaron Goodwin, the agent of disgruntled Portland Trail Blazers star Damian Lillard, remains confident that the Blazers will ultimately trade his client to his preferred destination of the Miami Heat. Goodwin thinks the two teams must just sit at the negotiating table and figure things out. Lillard recently requested a trade away from the Trail Blazers, and he has made it clear through his representation that he wants to continue his career in Miami. 

"I had a positive conversation with [Blazers general manager] Joe [Cronin] and I made it clear that Damian would want [the Blazers] to sit down and have a meaningful negotiation with Miami," Goodwin said, via Oregon Live. "And I think that's something that Joe and the Blazers will do."­  

Ultimately, the Blazers are in complete control of the situation, as Lillard still has several years remaining on his current contract and doesn't possess a no-trade clause. So, Portland could technically ship Lillard wherever they want -- it doesn't have to be Miami. But at the same time, Lillard is probably the best player in franchise history and has been immensely important to the team over the past decade-plus, so there's certainly some desire on the team's part to accommodate his wishes. Understandably, Portland is seeking a hefty haul in return for Lillard in any potential trade. Their asking price is reportedly set at around four first round picks and two quality rotation pieces. 

While Goodwin has been receiving calls from other teams intrigued by the availability of the seven-time All-Star, he's making it clear to interested suitors that Lillard's sole desire is to play in Miami. A recent report from NBA Insider Mark Medina suggests that Lillard simply wouldn't show up if traded to a team other than the Heat. While it remains to be seen just how true that is, it has become abundantly clear that Lillard would be unhappy elsewhere. 

"I would expect that before a team would do a deal with Damian Lillard, there would be some communication," Goodwin said. "It's not fair to a team to allow them to engage in a negotiation that could be futile in the end... I don't think another team would do a deal like that knowing everything that's going. But if they do, then they don't know Dame."  

Goodwin is clearly trying to apply the pressure on both the Blazers and Heat to get them to work together and get a deal done. Will his approach work? We'll find out in the coming weeks.