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Miami Heat's Jimmy Butler won a $174,000 pot against Brazilian soccer star Neymar while competing in the Legends of the Felt event in Los Angeles. It's the offseason for Butler, but Neymar was in town because he will be playing against Costa Rica in the Copa America group stage on Monday.

The event, live-streamed via Hustlers Casino during the weekend, drew a mix of celebrities and professional poker players. Besides Butler and Neymar, other well-known names included professional boxer Ryan Garcia, Chris Eubank Jr., Dan Bilzerian, Ninja and Jon Vlogs.

One game came down to Neymar and Butler. The NBA star bet $5,000 and Neymar raised to $10,000. However, Butler was hardly intimidated and quickly hit him with a 3-bet.

"Come get you some," he told Neymar behind dark sunglasses.

Being true competitors, neither backed down and decided to go all in. 

"I love you my boy," Butler said before winning it all with a full house.

Butler and Neymar are close friends and hung out before the event. Neymar had posted a picture of them on his Instagram story with the caption, "I love u." Butler teased his friend and replied with what turned out to be an accurate prediction:

"All that and you still losing to me at poker tomm," he wrote

By Sunday morning, Butler had racked up $200,000 in winnings. Butler was clearly pleased with his performance and also in a giving mood. While he was putting the cash away, he shared some of it with people around him.

Despite losing against Butler, Neymar did see success later with one of the most impressive highlights of the night. He was going against professional poker player Alex Keating and made a hero call for $199,000. Like the true gambler he is, Keating offered to keep it going. Neymar won seven of eight river cards and took Keating's $360,000 stack.