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During the fourth quarter of the Summer League game between the Dallas Mavericks and Indiana Pacers, it appeared as though Mavs forward Marcus Bingham Jr. scored on the wrong basket after receiving a pass from Nike Sibande on one side of the court and taking it in the opposite direction for an uncontested slam. 

The play, which you can see below, caused some immediate confusion on the court: 

However, upon further review it was determined that Bingham actually went in the correct direction, and the refs had set the play up on the wrong side of the court. In fact, the possession wasn't even supposed to belong to Dallas, as the Mavericks had converted a 3-pointer on the previous play. The Pacers then took a timeout, but the referees gave the ball back to Dallas after the timeout instead of giving it to Indiana. Ultimately, the basket was wiped from the scoreboard, and the Pacers were correctly given possession. 

After the game, Bingham took to Twitter to emphasize the fact that he wasn't in the wrong on the play. "I wasn't wrong," he wrote. "Media do anything." 

This isn't the first time recently that the Mavericks have had an issue with an awkward play resulting from the referees' placement of the ball after a stoppage. In a game against the Golden State Warriors in March, the Warriors ended up getting a free basket after Mavericks players misunderstood where the ball would be inbounded. 

The Mavericks went on to lose the game, and subsequently protested the result, alleging referee error, but the protest was ultimately denied.