You better get ready for a wild week of Aaron Rodgers trade rumors, because it's starting to look like the quarterback could get dealt soon. 

The Packers star hasn't spoken publicly over the past week, but we do know that he met with the Jets on Monday and that those meetings were expected to continue into Tuesday and that Jets owner Woody Johnson was going to be personally involved. The fact that Rodgers met with Jets is very notable because those meetings wouldn't have happened unless the Packers gave him permission, and the Packers wouldn't have given him permission unless they're leaning toward trading him. 

As things currently stand though, it's hard to say how this will all play out. Rodgers could end up in New York or he could end up some place COMPLETELY different, which is what Kurt Benkert is predicting. The former Packers quarterback, who served as Green Bay's third-string QB in 2021, thinks that Rodgers will end up getting dealt to one of two teams. 

"Aaron Rodgers is going to end up either a New York Jet or a Miami Dolphin," Benkert said in a recent interview with TheSpun.com. "If I had to really guess, I'd say the Miami Dolphins. They have the roster to win a Super Bowl and he could really enjoy some time in the warmth, defrost a little bit after all of these years."

Everyone knows the Jets need a quarterback, so that prediction isn't very surprising, but Benkert is definitely getting bold with his Dolphins' prediction.  

The Dolphins currently have Tua Tagovailoa, but he's dealt with multiple concussions over the first three years of his career, which has raised questions about his longevity. The Dolphins could have put an end to the speculation about Tua's future at the combine by letting it be known that they're going to pick up his fifth-year option, but instead, they said they're going to wait until closer to the May 1 deadline before making a decision. 

"We're probably best served to utilize the time [until the deadline]," Dolphins coach Mike McDaniel said at the combine, via ESPN.com. "That's kind of the way we're approaching it, but that doesn't mean that we're spending any long period of time not discussing it. This is something that [general manager Chris Grier] and I have been working through."

Also, CBS Sports NFL Insider Josina Anderson recently reported that the Dolphins would be exploring all options at quarterback this offseason and Rodgers definitely falls into the "All options" category. 

The upside of having a May 1 deadline for the Tua decision is that the Dolphins can potentially make a play for another quarterback in a trade or during free agency if they feel like they can upgrade. 

The Dolphins have already proven that they're willing to swing for the fences when it comes to making a big trade. Last year, they stunned the NFL by making a deal for Tyreek Hill. If Benkert ends up being right, the Dolphins could shock the NFL world again by making a trade for Rodgers.