It appears that Marquette King might still be slightly bitter about the fact that the Raiders surprisingly decided to cut him during the offseason

Fortunately for King, he was able to get some revenge on Sunday after his new team (the Broncos) came back from a 12-point second-half deficit to beat his old team 20-19.

To be honest though, I'm not even sure the win even counts as revenge, because I'm pretty sure his real revenge came a few hours after the game when he posted a video to Twitter that pretty clearly seemed to mock the man who made the decision to cut him back in March: Jon Gruden. 

King's video basically had everything you could ever want in a Gruden insult video. 

Chucky Doll? Check. 

One dollar bills representing Gruden's contract? Check. 

Condescending pat on the head? Check. 

Telling head nod that implies Marquette knows something about Gruden that we don't? Check. 

I have no idea when King filmed this or how he found an empty parking garage in downtown Denver, but the important thing is that he did both of those things and also found time to put together a 32-second video that has some serious production quality. If you're going to troll your former coach, this is the way to do it. 

Based on the title of this video, "Dear BFF... Part I," it appears that we might be getting another one at some point in the future. If it comes out after the next Broncos-Raiders game, that means King won't be releasing Part II until Christmas Eve. 

As for his relationship with Gruden, it appears that there never was one. After he got cut, King said he never got a chance to talk to his new coach even though he was on the team for two full months after Gruden got hired. 

"I never got a chance to talk to him. I just saw him on car commercials and stuff. [Now] I get to see him two times a year," King said in April, via 

In the lead up to Sunday's game in Denver, King was actually asked about Gruden and apparently, he didn't want to talk about it. 

"Who's that?" King told "I don't know who you're talking about."

King got the last laugh on Sunday and that's mainly because he was on the field for the Broncos' game-winning field goal. King was the holder for Brandon McManus, who drilled a 36-yard field goal with six seconds left to play to give the Broncos a one-point win. King also punted the ball four times for 204 yards in the game, a total that includes a monstrous 66-yarder in the first half. 

The 29-year-old punter spent the first six seasons of his career in Oakland before being cut in March. Less than a week later, the Broncos signed him to a three-year deal.