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The Kansas City Chiefs are the two-time defending Super Bowl champions, the team everyone wants to beat in the NFL. Still, owner Clark Hunt hasn't received very much praise from the players earning him those Super Bowl championships. Despite three Super Bowl titles in five years, Hunt received an "F-" on the NFLPA's annual internal players' survey, the lowest mark of any owner in the NFL. The reason? Players didn't appreciate his unwillingness "to invest in the facilities," according to the grade report.

Chris Jones didn't take kindly toward Hunt getting that grade, giving the double bird to those who graded the owner so low. 

"They graded my owner an F, I got two middle fingers for them," Jones said, via A to Z Sports. "He's an A+ in my book."

Despite the Chiefs winning back-to-back Super Bowls, Hunt has not graded well as an owner, mostly due to players believing the team's locker room would be renovated -- which hasn't happened. The Chiefs are also adding an air conditioning system to the practice facility, which was nonexistent in prior years. 

Players wanted change, and got some to the facilities. Jones apparently wasn't one of them, as he's pleased the Chiefs spent money in other areas. 

"Brought back Mike Danna, Tershawn Wharton, Mike Pennel," Jones said as the Chiefs retained a majority of the defensive line that helped them win a Super Bowl. "We were able to bring a lot of guys back that helped us get there last year."

The Chiefs have spent their money in keeping a championship roster together, at the expense of team facilities. Of course, the Chiefs are in the process of uncertainty of playing in Arrowhead Stadium (renovating it) or building a new one in future seasons. The stadium uncertainty has played a factor in current facility upgrades.

Despite the poor grade, no one appears to be avoiding going to the Chiefs. Winning Super Bowls and making deep playoff runs will  do that.