It's a new day in Washington as NFL owners unanimously approved the sale of the Commanders to Josh Harris, ending the tumultuous ownership of Dan Snyder. His tenure was marred with controversy, including an independent investigation that was just released that ruled in favor of allegations of workplace misconduct and financial improprieties on the part of Snyder, which led to a $60 million fine from the league

On top of the disgraceful actions found by Snyder off the field, he was also apparently hurting the on-field product as well. Jay Gruden, who was the head coach of the franchise from 2014 to 2019, recently divulged how Snyder would be negligible in his day-to-day operation of the team when it came to major decisions regarding the roster. Gruden noted that Snyder "made it too much about himself" and would dictate who the team would sign and draft, despite never watching them on film. 

"He wasn't experienced enough in the business to make those decisions," Gruden told the Kevin Sheehan Show, via USA Today. "He didn't put in the work. For him to pick a player in the draft is asinine. He didn't put the work in. He didn't watch the players. He didn't go to the meetings. He didn't go to the scouts' meetings."

Gruden used Bengals owner Mike Brown, who he worked for as Cincinnati's offensive coordinator from 2011 to 2013, as an example of an owner that did sit in meetings and watch film before coming to a decision, which Gruden respected. 

"I don't respect the guy that doesn't watch the film and comes in, makes the pick, and tells you who he is signing in free agency," he continued. "It makes no sense when we and the scouts are doing all of the film work, and all of a sudden, he comes in and makes the pick. So, I think it is going to be a very beneficial move for all of the fans and for the organization moving forward."

During Snyder's 24 seasons as owner, Washington had just a .427 winning percentage (27th in the NFL over that stretch) and made the playoffs just six times while recording two playoff wins. 

Josh Harris and his partners are buying the Commanders for a record $6 billion. In a statement following the league approval of the sale, Harris said that "it is our top priority to deliver [fans] a championship caliber team, and we will strive everyday to ensure that we are a franchise you can be proud of."