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With seven Super Bowl wins under his belt, Tom Brady is definitely the most successful quarterback in NFL history, but that doesn't necessarily mean he's the most talented. 

During a recent interview on "The Money Down Podcast," former Patriots receiver Phillip Dorsett said he played with at least one quarterback who had more natural talent than Brady and that QB was Andrew Luck. 

"Andrew was amazing," Dorsett said, via Patriots Wire. "I always say this to everybody -- people ask me, because they know I played with Tom -- they was like, 'Dang, who was the best quarterback you played with?' I be like, 'Be honest with you, when it comes to talent, it was Andrew Luck, for sure.'"

Dorsett entered the NFL in 2015 when the Colts made him a first-round pick. From there, he spent two seasons with Luck in Indianapolis before heading to New England, where he spent three seasons with Brady, so he spent a good chunk of time with each quarterback. 

Over the course of his eight-year career, Dorsett has also caught passes from Trevor Lawrence and Russell Wilson, but when it comes to talent, no one matches Luck. 

"Talent-wise, Andrew was different," Dorsett said. "He was just a natural born leader, he was still young, and the way he carried himself, you would think this man was a 10-year vet."

Luck spent seven seasons in the NFL before he shockingly announced his retirement in August 2019 due to injuries. 

"He was tough as hell," Dorsett said. "He had a strong arm, was smart, was accurate. It's just injuries. It was football. Sometimes you get hurt, you get tired of getting hurt."

If you need a quick refresher on just how good Luck was, you can check out some of his highlights below. 

In six seasons on the field (Luck sat out the entire 2017 season due to injury), Luck averaged 275.2 passing yards per game. To put that in perspective, no quarterback with at least 10 starts even averaged 275 yards per game last season. The Colts quarterback was building a Hall of Fame resume, but due to his early retirement, he'll likely have a tough time getting to Canton. 

As for Dorsett, he's now in Denver, where he'll likely be catching passes from Bo Nix. And if the rookie QB turns out to be just half as talented as Luck, the Broncos will probably be thrilled.