Anthony Richardson's rookie season was cut short due to injuries, and as he enters his second year, there are big expectations for the Indianapolis Colts quarterback. To help him reach this potential, the Colts brought in a veteran presence whom Richardson said is already helping his game.

This offseason, the Colts added the 2023 NFL Comeback Player of the Year Joe Flacco, who is coming off an impressive run with the Cleveland Browns. The Super Bowl champion has 16 years of experience in the NFL, so he has some wisdom he can share with Richardson, who has only played in four games in the league.

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Richardson said she plans on coming into year two with the same approach as he did in year one, but is welcoming any tips on how he can be successful going forward.

Flacco was drafted in 2008, when Richardson was 5 years old. The No. 4 overall pick admits it is wild to be playing along side someone he grew up watching.

"Man, it's crazy because Joe was in the NFL when I was in elementary school" Richardson said (via "Every time I see him, it's like, 'That's Joe Flacco right there.' I ask him questions all the time and he's just laid back. We're in meeting rooms and he keeps telling me certain things: 'I would do this. I would do this. But that's just me.' I just take it and add it to my bag. It's amazing just to have a vet like that."

He continued to emphasize the age difference, noting that when Flacco was playing in Super Bowl XLVII, Richardson was in a very different life stage.

"It's Joe Flacco ... he played with Ray Lewis and all those guys. I just remember riding on the school bus and they were winning the Super Bowl," the starting quarterback said.

A concussion caused Richardson to miss some time last season, and shortly after he returned, he went down with a season-ending shoulder injury. He went 2-2 in his four starts with 577 passing yards, three passing touchdowns and one interception. He added 136 yards on 25 attempts and four touchdowns on the ground.