The Milwaukee Bucks routed the Boston Celtics, 116-92, in their first home game of the 2018 playoffs on Friday night, and some stars were in attendance. Milwaukee may not be Los Angeles, but Aaron Rodgers and Danica Patrick -- one of sports' newest power couples -- turned out to see Giannis Antetokounmpo and Khris Middleton lead the Bucks to the win and narrow the Celtics' series lead to 2-1.

Former Raider and new Broncos punter Marquette King, however, let his feelings get the best of him after seeing Rodgers at the game with Patrick, and in response he shot his shot and told Patrick that quarterbacks are so 2017.

King is well-known at this point for his brazenness, although asking out Aaron Rodgers' girlfriend is pretty bold, even for him. It looks even crazier after Rodgers was announced as new minority owner of the Bucks at the game, becoming the first NFL player toΒ own part of a major teamΒ in his own market.

To sum up: Aaron Rodgers is an All-Pro, Super Bowl-winning QB who now happens to be a partial owner of an NBA team, and who is currently dating Danica Patrick. And yet that didn't stop a punter from tweeting at his girlfriend when she was attending an NBA playoff game with Rodgers.Β 

Twitter users definitely had some fun with King, with many suggesting he was out-kicking his coverage.

King also tweeted this 12 hours ago:

So it's clearly been a tumultuous day for King. But you have to respect the audacity.Β