Jon Gruden reportedly released Marquette King due to clashing personalities, and the Denver Broncos were all too happy to scoop the former All-Pro punter up this offseason. So with King's Broncos being 1-0 and Gruden's Raiders being 0-1, you'd think that King, who's never been known to shy away from a headline, would be all too happy to give Gruden the old what for ahead of Sunday's game in Denver. However, when he was asked about Gruden, King decided to take the high road.

"Who's that?'' King said to Mike Klis of 9News when he was asked about Gruden. "I don't know who you're talking about.''

The Broncos play the Raiders on Sunday, so when Klis tried to follow up and ask if King was excited to face off against his former team, King simply replied: "I'm looking forward to every game."

OK, it's only kind of the high road. This could also be a subtle dig at the reports that Gruden never even met King before letting him go. Of course, King wasn't the only seemingly bizarre move that Gruden has made in his return to the Silver and Black. The Raiders also traded former Defensive Player of the Year Khalil Mack to the Bears after a long holdout from Mack -- and the Bears immediately extended him.

The fact that the best revenge King can get on Gruden is to punt the ball really well may be a bit anticlimactic, but King clearly has no intention of giving Gruden any bulletin board material heading into this week.