Tom Brady can now add having the greatest roast of all time to his long list of accolades. The greatest quarterback of all time was the subject of Netflix's Tom Brady Roast that included many, many jabs thrown his way by former teammates, coaches and celebrity alike. 

But similar to his football career, Brady was in control of the proceedings at the end, capping off the night with some perfectly executed zingers of his own. 

The roast included many memorable moments that will surely dominate the headlines during an otherwise lazy Monday on the NFL calendar. Here's a rundown of the top moments from Brady's roast. Six moments were ranked, which is fitting, given Brady won six Lombardis during his legendary run in New England. 

Some of the videos shared below include graphic language.

6. Edelman goes after Belichick 

Brady wasn't the only one that got roasted Sunday night. Former Patriots receiver Julian Edelman went after his former coach, Bill Belichick, for not landing another head coaching job after leaving the Patriots this offseason. Edelman's ribbing included his patented Belichick impression. 

5. Belichick, Kraft do a shot together 

Yes, you read that right. This moment truly encapsulated the sheer absurdity of the night. Patriots owner Robert Kraft, who has received a ton of flack for his criticism of Belichick since the two parted ways (including the Apple TV documentary on the Pats' dynasty that Kraft had a role in making), went out of his way to praise his former coach before taking a shot with him at the request of comedian/actor Kevin Hart. 

4. Gronk being Gronk 

Let's just say that Rob Gronkowski more than lived up to his reputation when it was his turn at the mic. I'm not going to try to summarize what he said (check it out here if you so wish), but just know that it included Belichick blowing a whistle at him to try to get him to skip one of his graphic jokes, which Gronk declined to do. 

Oh, Gronk also spiked his shot glass, because, Gronk. 

3. Bledsoe's revenge 

Drew Bledsoe, the quarterback Brady replaced at the start of the Patriots' two-decade long dynasty, finally got his payback on Sunday night. 

Bledsoe took no prisoners. He made more than a few jokes about Brady's divorce with Gisele. 

2. Belichick takes swipe at Pats 

Well, it wasn't at the Patriots, per se, but more at Kraft and his role in "The Dynasty" documentary. The doc was largely viewed as a Belichick hit piece, which clearly wasn't lost on the six-time championship head coach. 

"Im so honored to be here for the Roast of Tom Brady on Netflix," Belichick said. "It's not to be confused with the Roast of Bill Belichick, the 10-part Apple TV series." 

Belichick's time at the mic also included a dig at Gronkowski and his new gig as a TV analyst. He did so while adjusting his trademark phrase, "Do your job."

"Gronk, I've been watching you on Fox NFL Sunday," he started, "and I'm begging you, please, stop doing your job." 

1. Brady takes no prisoners 

After getting raked over the coals, Brady turned the tables at the end of the night. His roasting included a jab at two of his former rivals. 

"I'm trying to buy the Raiders. I'm tired of owning the Colts and Bills," he said. 

Brady also went after Chiefs fans while alluding to their most famous fan, Taylor Swift. 

"Kansas City, you say your stadium is the loudest. It helps when your fans are 14-year-old girls," Brady said. "In honor of Tay Tay ... let's take a look at the Chiefs' eras: terrible for 50 years, good for five. Shake it off." 

Brady fired back at Peyton Manning, his longtime quarterback rival who during his time at the mic alluded to Brady losing two Super Bowl's to his younger brother, Eli. 

"Peyton, I know sometimes you live in Denver, and sometimes you live in Louisiana, but you'll always live in my shadow," Brady said to Manning. 

Brady nearly brought down the house when he alluded to the NFL spending millions to try to prove that he deflated footballs in 2014. 

"If they had given me the $20 million, I would have just told them I (expletive) did it," Brady said, a fitting ending to quite possibly the greatest roast ever.