PHILADELPHIA -- Darius Slay doesn't see what the Miami Dolphins saw regarding Vic Fangio. Neither does Jalen Carter

Fangio, who has been criticized by Dolphins players (most notably Jalen Ramsey and Jevon Holland) after his one year in Miami, isn't getting that same vibe from the Philadelphia Eagles in his short time on the staff. Of course the Eagles haven't played any games yet either, but it's a sure bet they'll improve from 30th in points per possession allowed (2.35) and 31st in yards per possession allowed (34.6).

"I don't know what they had over there [in Miami]. But over here, he's a great dude," said Darius Slay when asked about Fangio. "I heard great things about him because I used to watch like Aqib Talib and all them corners that used to play under his system. They always talked very highly of him." 

Under Fangio, the Dolphins finished 16th in points per possession allowed (1.86) and 11th in yards per possession allowed (28.9). Those numbers are a bit disappointing given Fangio's pedigree, but players on that defense signaled they hadn't bought in. 

Fangio's old school ways appeared not to vibe with Mike McDaniel's ways, which may be why the Dolphins allowed Fangio to head to Philadelphia -- where he wanted to be all along. 

The "old school" style works with this Eagles team. 

"I think it's just -- I'm all about old school football," said Jalen Carter when Fangio's approach was brought up. "If you know Apopka High School, where I'm from. The city of Apopka (Florida). Our coach was old school with everything we did. So it's always been old school, hard work you know? 

"I'm ready to be coached in any kinda way. Old school, new school, whatever you wanna call it."

Whatever happened with Fangio in Miami is in the past. The Eagles vow they embrace Fangio's hard coaching style, and are prepared for what's ahead. 

"Our team is built on leadership and guys always willing to go out for the other guy," Slay said. "I think he's a guy that's just gonna build a team up with great energy. He's been in a room with a lot of great vets. 

"You have a team full of vets that's been with a lot of coaches. Not one time since I've been here someone has said something bad or negative about the DC, because we always go hard for him. It doesn't matter who it is."