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The first weekend of the United Football League has already provided some unexpected fireworks, with a play that isn't really seen in professional football. Fake punts happen in the NFL, but not to the degree the San Antonio Brahmas executed. 

On a 58-yard field goal attempt that Brahmas holder Brad Wing appeared he was going to pooch punt, Wing lined up for the pooch punt. He never kicked the ball.

Wing threw a bomb to Alex Mollette, who was lined up as the left end, that resulted in a 40-yard touchdown for San Antonio. Mollette had all of the D.C. Defenders field goal team fooled on the play as the Brahmas got six points on the board. 

"There was supposed to be one route, and that wasn't the one," Wing said on the ESPN broadcast describing the play. "We never completed it in practice."

That play may be the best play of the UFL season, and it happened on the first weekend.