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The Silly Season jumped up on us like a blitzing linebacker. After a season that included the longest stretch of games without a performance-based firing in quote some time, Jimbo Fisher, Andy Avalos and Zach Arnett got The Big Haircut this week. San Diego State's Brady Hoke retired, too.

Northwestern made David Braun its permanent coach after Pat Fitzgerald was fired for cause. Michigan State is still looking for its replacement for Mel Tucker.

All of it should be considered against the backdrop of two key dates coming up. The transfer portal window opens Dec. 4, and the early signing period begins Dec. 20 with college football's first National Signing Day of the year.

Time is running out to fire and hire coaches, especially for the remaining Power Four conferences, which all expand to some degree in 2024. Consider this Silly Season, then, a final adjustment at the top before that expansion.

Let's take a gander at how the hot seat looks at the moment with two weeks left in the regular season plus conference championship games ahead.

A reminder about our ratings key (and our complete set of preseason Hot Seat Rankings):

  • 5 -- Win or be fired
  • 4 -- Star improving now
  • 3 -- Pressure is mounting
  • 2 -- All good ... for now
  • 1 -- Safe and secure
  • 0 -- Untouchable

2023 Hot Seat Rankings: Late-season update

Staying hot

Warming up

Not as cool

Holding steady

Cooling off