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Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has been crystal clear about wanting Dak Prescott to be his team's quarterback long term. 

Prescott himself said earlier this month that his communication with Dallas about a new has "been back and forth."

Wide receiver Brandin Cooks, who joined the team via trade from the Houston Texans last offseason, caught eight of Prescott's NFL-leading 36 touchdown passes in 2023, and he fully endorsed the Cowboys receiving another long-term deal in Dallas. Cooks' eight receiving touchdowns were tied for the eighth most in the league last season. 

"Indubitably. Absolutely. No question. I think … last year what he did, the first year of Mike McCarthy's offense," Cooks said on "GoJo & Golic" on Tuesday. "For the longest he was MVP front-runner and then what I believe he finished second or third. And that was all done one year into Mike McCarthy's offense. I think all he's going to do is continue to get better, continue to lead and hit his stride. If you don't do it now, in my opinion, it's just going to cost that much later because he's on a mission for sure."   

Dak Prescott 2023 season


Completion Pct



Pass Yards4,516

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Pass TD






Passer Rating



Expected Points Added/Play0.182nd

* First in Cowboys history to be outright NFL pass TD leader in a season

Cowboys inactive offseason a strong show of faith? 

Many in the football world were critical of Jones pivoting from his "all in" offseason slogan to "get it done with less." However, Cooks isn't among the detractors when it comes to his front office. He views the relative inactivity -- the only major external signings were linebacker Eric Kendricks, running back Ezekiel Elliott and running back Royce Freeman -- as a sign of faith in the players already in the building. The only move the Cowboys made at the wide receiver position this offseason was drafting Southeast Missouri wide receiver Ryan Flournoy in the sixth round (216th overall) .

"For the most part, I don't pay attention, but when you do I take that [the Cowboys' inactivity' as a compliment because Will [McClay], Jerry [Jones] and Stephen [Jones] feel like they have a group that is in place that can get it done," Cooks said. "So when you have those opportunities where you don't see your team making as many moves, you take that as 'well, I'm going to work that much harder to be able to prove them right on not having to make all those moves so that when we look up, they made the right decisions."