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Perhaps the NBA team most desperate for help at the trade deadline is the Golden State Warriors, who have signaled the need for a change both on the record and through leaks to various outlets. It will be shocking if the Warriors don't do something before the Feb. 8 Trade Deadline, with the potential for a franchise-altering maneuver that could mean the departure of one or more of their dynasty staples.

The mood around the Warriors has been dreadful over the past few days, as Stephen Curry honestly described, with two home blowout losses punctuating the problems -- both on and off the court -- that they've endured throughout the 2023-24 season. Draymond Green's suspension, Chris Paul's injury and Andrew Wiggins' disappearing act are just a handful of issues that the Warriors will seek to remedy with some new blood. According to recent reports, everyone but Curry is on the table as a potential trade candidate.

There have bee plenty of names in the rumor mill surrounding Golden State, so here is a look at what the team can give up, followed by five trade targets who could end up turning around a disappointing Warriors season.

Potential Warriors trade assets

(remaining contract after 2023-24)

  • Klay Thompson (Expiring)
  • Chris Paul (1 year, $30M non-guaranteed remaining)
  • Andrew Wiggins (3 years, $85M remaining)
  • Draymond Green (3 years, $78M remaining)
  • Gary Payton II (1 year, $9.1M remaining)
  • Kevon Looney (1 year, $3M guaranteed -- remaining)
  • Jonathan Kuminga (1 year, $7.6M remaining)
  • Moses Moody (1 year, $5.8M remaining)
  • Up to three first-round draft picks (2026-2031, cannot trade picks in consecutive years)

Asset rundown: It's hard to imagine the Warriors parting ways with franchise stalwarts Thompson and Green, but, at this point, everything is a possibility. Thompson could be the more attractive of the two due to his large expiring contract, but Golden State would almost certainly need to attach assets along with him in any deal. The same goes for Paul, whose contract is essentially expiring since next year is non-guaranteed. Green is still playing at a high level (when he's on the court), but his suspension and disciplinary issues over the past few seasons could make the three remaining years on his contract a nonstarter. Wiggins is suffering through an atrocious season and is owed considerable money, so a team would have to believe in his ability to turn things around in order to acquire him.

Ultimately, any Warriors deal will have to include young players (Kuminga, Moody, etc.) and/or draft capital. That will obviously severely compromise Golden State's future, but the front office seems committed to trying its hardest to contend while Curry is still performing at an elite level.

Potential Warriors trade targets

1. Pascal Siakam, Toronto Raptors

Pascal Siakam
IND • PF • #43
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Pros: Playmaking, scoring, defense, versatility

Cons: Shooting/floor spacing, potential redundancy, off-ball contribution

Potential fit: Siakam is a popular name in Warriors trade rumors, and for good reason. Not only would he fit into head coach Steve Kerr's scheme as a versatile, skilled forward, but he would also provide the secondary scorer and playmaker that Curry so desperately needs. On the downside, Siakam's shooting has gotten steadily worse, to the point where he's in the 29th percentile in catch-and-shoot scenarios this season, per Synergy Sports. Golden State already has spacing issues, so adding a player like Siakam in exchange for Wiggins, Kuminga and/or Green might just be a horizontal move.

2. Dejounte Murray, Atlanta Hawks

Dejounte Murray
ATL • PG • #5
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Pros: Playmaking, scoring, defense, shooting

Cons: Size, ball dominance, off-ball movement

Potential fit: Murray would immediately solve the Warriors' creation problem, adding a scorer and playmaker adept in the pick-and-roll (72nd percentile, including passes, per Synergy Sports). He's also been a good catch-and-shoot 3-point shooter this season, making him a strong candidate to play alongside Curry as well as in place of him. Murray is big for a guard, however at 6-foot-5 he would only exacerbate the Warriors' glaring lack of size that tends to get them in trouble night after night -- particularly if they need to trade a wing (Kuminga, Moody or Wiggins) in order to acquire him. Murray is a good defender, but, ultimately, he may be too small to make a significant impact for Golden State.

3. Jerami Grant, Portland Trail Blazers

Jerami Grant
POR • PF • #9
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Pros: Scoring, shooting, defensive versatility

Cons: Playmaking, role questions, offensive system fit

Potential fit: On paper, Grant is an ideal fit next to Curry as a secondary scorer, who can either get his own shot or spot-up behind the arc (82nd percentile on catch-and-shoot this season, per Synergy Sports). He's also a potentially elite defender, who has the size and versatility to guard multiple positions, making him an excellent fit in Kerr's system. The problem comes, however, when Curry goes to the bench. Even as the primary playmaker in Detroit and at times in Portland, Grant has never averaged three assists per game. This season, he's in the 29th percentile in halfcourt offense, including assists, per Synergy. Is Grant enough of a difference maker to push the Warriors forward this season, and what price would the Blazers ask in return?

4. Kyle Kuzma, Washington Wizards

Kyle Kuzma
WAS • PF • #33
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Pros: Scoring, size, rebounding

Cons: Defense, role questions, efficiency

Potential fit: Kuzma proved he can be an effective role player on a championship team with the Lakers back in 2020, but since then,  he's taken on a primary scoring and playmaking role with the Washington Wizards. The Warriors would likely need him to do something in between, similar to how Grant performed with the Trail Blazers when Damian Lillard was there. The question is whether Kuzma will be able and willing to do that, since his offensive efficiency is lacking as a primary scorer (33rd percentile in the halfcourt this season, per Synergy Sports). Kuzma is also a strong rebounder for his position, another area where Golden State could use some help.

5. Bojan Bogdanovic, Detroit Pistons

Bojan Bogdanovic
NY • SF • #44
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Pros: Shooting, size, secondary creation

Cons: Mobility, versatility, defense

Potential fit: Bogdanovic made a lot more sense in the beginning of the season, when it looked like the Warriors would just need a complementary piece. He's an elite shooter off the catch or off the dribble and he occasionally dabbles in some secondary playmaking, but that might not be enough for Golden State at this point. Even with his 6-foot-7 frame, Bogdanovic is limited on the defensive end as well, making this a hard sell for the Warriors front office, unless they can get him for a cheap price.